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Portrait of Triona
Race Unclear
Gender Female
For monster data, see Triona (Monster).
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With her clear skin and earthy orange hair hanging in braids by her ears,
the girl has a unique look about her that makes her stand out. She appears
lost in thought, with a blank expression writ across her face.

Triona is Morgant's daughter who supposedly suffered from loneliness at a very young age, accepted by neither Humans nor Fomorians. Regardless, she retains a compassionate personality and cares for them.

She was eventually accepted by Ruairi despite his protests, and she loves him deeply.

Mainstream Story


  • In the Irish Mythology, Lugh (Morgant's true identity) does not have a daughter, but a son named Cú Chulainn; Triona is just a motive of Lugh's child.
  • Triona's race is not clear and up for interpretation at present.
    • Her father Morgant has claimed to be a Human. However, this may not mean that Triona is also one.
    • Many NPCs have called Triona a Fomor. It is unclear if this is a speculation or a fact.