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For the weapon, see Meriel PE.
Portrait of Meriel
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Giant Tutorial Helper
Location Tutorial Field (Physis)


She has a slightly raised forehead and rosy frozen cheeks. The steam that seeps through her small lips wet the cold dry air of Physis.

Meriel is a bright, young Human girl with pink eyes and greenish-yellow hair. She instructs newly created Giant characters on how to deal with basic tasks.

She seems to have a crush on Taunes and has some sort of connection to Nao.

Music Track Title: Please Advise Me


Before becoming a training instructor for the Giants, she attended a magic school. Although she was not good at the subjects being taught, the reason she went to the magic school was to make friends; however, she wasn't very successful in that area either. Because of this, she was made fun of by the other kids, who sometimes went as far as brutally harassing the girl. As a result, she became afraid of strangers, believing that they would treat her the same way. After coming to Physis and befriending the Giants, she realized that this race of people were more isolated and hardened than herself. Since then, she has gained more confidence and now has the courage to speak to strangers first.

She once went down the Nubes Mountains by herself to visit Ffion and was attacked by a dragon. Luckily, Taunes was passing by and saved her.


Meriel will give Giants a Fixed Dye Ampoule along with a Nao's Gift Collection Book upon rebirthing into a hero talent and choosing to rebirth in Vales. In rare cases, she may show a Fixed Flashing Dye. When asking Meriel to show a different color dye, it is important to remember that she will only show ten different dyes before stopping. Upon reaching the last one, players will be stuck with that color. If the player disconnects from the game while choosing a dye, upon re-logging in and speaking to Meriel, they will resume at the previous dye they were on and continue until the tenth dye. (Example: If one disconnect on the 7th dye, he/she will continue from the 7th dye out of 10 upon speaking to Meriel again.)