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Soldier Gachapon (Nov. 2010)

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This is an outdated version of this item. See Soldier Gachapon (2012) for the current version.


Well, Mabinogians, here's the deal. For the longest time, Ferghus has been begging those of us toiling away at the office to let him put together his own batch of Gachapon. For over a year, we politely sidestepped his requests, but we've run out of excuses. That's why this next batch of Ferghus-created soldier Gachapon is rather...special.

You see, many of the items Ferghus sent us were above par (like flashy Muramasas, Masamunes and Yoshimitsus), but as we were inspecting his Gachapon, we also found...teddy bears, parasols and feather dusters. HUH?! Well, it turns out Ferghus let Alyssa wander a bit too close to his Gachapon assembly area. Luckily for everyone involved, teddy bears, parasols and feather dusters actually make pretty darn good weapons!

Check out some of the better items in the latest soldier Gachapon update below:

-Pink Masamune with a silver-hot pink flashing blade
-Black Masamune with a black-purple flashing blade
-Pink Yoshimitsu with a white-pink flashing hilt and scabbard
-Black Japanese Twin Sword with silver-black flashing blade
-White Japanese Dagger with white-dark gray flashing blade
-Teddy Bear (Fast 3-hit 1-handed blunt weapon) – Yes, Giants can dual-wield this!
-Parasol (Fast 3-hit 1-handed blunt weapon) – Giants can dual-wield these, too!
-Steel Claw (Very Fast 5-hit claw weapon) – Giants only!
-Crystal Sword (Normal 3-hit 1-handed sword)
-Duster (Normal 3-hit weapon)
-Winged Helm

This is your opportunity to nab some unique “weapons” for your arsenal. Stock up now![1]

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Soldier Gachapon

1 × 1
Stack: 1, 10

Get the latest surprise gachapon item from a wide selection of amazing weapons!

  • This gachapon was available in the Item Shop.
  • A single box cost 1,000 NX and a bundle of 10 cost 10,000 NX.
  • There are multiple versions of this gachapon.


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