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Spirit Weapon Item List/Bow/Female/Will

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Future content.png Note: The formula (and a calculator widget) for spirit stat growth can be found here.

These charts are now obsolete and have been replaced. The discussion can be found here

Please add item information to the Spirit Weapon Item List instead.

Will Item Chart (Durability)

Item Name Price Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9 Lvl 10 Lvl 11 Lvl 12 Lvl 13 Lvl 14 Lvl 15
MAX Gain → 6pt 14pt 20pt 25pt 32pt 44pt 61pt 88pt 126pt 178pt 247pt 333pt 441pt 572pt 729pt
Gathering Knife 80g 3 5 6
Heart Cake 150g 5 9 12 14 16
Bunny Doll 250g MAX 21 24
Bouquet 300g MAX 20
Pearl Necklace 300g MAX
Gift Bracelet 300g MAX
Pet Instructor Glove 720g MAX 75
8 Sign 800g from Price MAX

Cooking Knife 830g MAX 52

Cores' Thief Gloves 850g

Skeleton Wolf Drop

MAX 72
Potion Concoction Kit 1,000g MAX

Amazing Cap Amazing Race Event MAX
Round Shield 12,000g MAX
Cores' Boots (M) 5,500g MAX
V-neck Leather Boots 51,420g
Whistle 8,000g

Obtained from Fishing

MAX 325
Elementary School Uniform 1,300g MAX
Fishing Rod 2,000g MAX 120
Short Sword 2,000g MAX
Hunter Boots 4,200g MAX
Longsword 3,000g MAX
Trudy Layered Robe 3,300g MAX
Morning Star 5,630g MAX
Bipennis 6,000g MAX
Great Sword 8,640g MAX
Crossbow 9,250g MAX
Gladius 10,250g MAX
Cores' Felt Hat 22,000g MAX
Two-handed Sword 29,000g MAX

Blue Rose Bouquet 43,000g MAX
Owl Figurine Fished MAX

Butcher Knife Gray Gremlin Drop MAX

Wolf Robe Goblin Hunter Archer Drop MAX

Glove of Nay Flying Sword (Black) Drop MAX
Leather Hand Gloves Rat Man Drop MAX
Bianca Drawers Layered Skirt Tailoring MAX
Item Name Price Lvl 16 Lvl 17 Lvl 18 Lvl 19 Lvl 20 Lvl 21 Lvl 22 Lvl 23 Lvl 24 Lvl 25
MAX Gain → 915pt 1130pt 1379pt 1663pt 1985pt 2348pt 2734pt 3202pt 3699pt 4246pt
Crossbow 9,250g 344
Gladius 10,250g 360 366 372
Round Shield 12,000g 393
Two-handed Sword 29,000g 389