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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Imp |Page=Imp |Ext=png

|FieldLocations=*Dunbarton (Northwest) |DungeonLocations=*Barri Normal

|HP=310 |CP=1044 |Defense=6 |Protection=0 |Speed=Normal |Element=lightning

|MeleeHits=2-3 |MeleeDamage=20-60 |RangedHits= |RangedDamage= |MagicHits=1 |MagicDamage=??-35 |ExplosiveHits= |ExplosiveDamage=

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |AggroRange=Medium |AggroSpeed=Normal

|EXP=450 |Gold=80-120 |DropEquip=*Hatchet |DropMisc=*Pages

|SkillSmash=y |SkillCounter=y |SkillDefense=y |SkillLightningBolt=y

|Notes=*There are two types of imps, pale red and red. Different types will aggro you at the same time, however multiple of one type will not. Most of the time they'll charge Lightning Bolts over and over again without actually using the spell.

  • If soloing, be prepared to be struck by several high level Lightning Bolts, and to be chain stunned if you aggro more than two too quickly.

|Advice=*Firebolt spam works like a charm if you're not multi-aggroed, as their run speed is slow, and they have a smaller casting range than you (should they run at you with Lightning Bolt).

    • However, in order to spam Firebolt, you must be quick.
  • Ice Revolver is recommended.
  • Magnum Shot works well. Especially with a Long Bow.