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Template:DataMonsterRed Ghost (Basic)

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Red Ghost (Basic) |Page=Ghost |Image=Red Ghost

|FieldLocations=*None |DungeonLocations=*Peaca Basic

|HP=5,400 |CP=6500 |Defense=52 |Protection=70 |Speed=Average |Element=none

|MeleeHits=3 |MeleeDamage=175-280 |RangedHits= |RangedDamage= |MagicHits=? |MagicDamage=1,000+ |ExplosiveHits= |ExplosiveDamage=

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |AggroRange=Average |AggroSpeed=Fast

|EXP=2,400 (+1,500) |Gold= |DropEquip=*Folksy Wear |DropMisc=*Ghost Fluid

|SkillWindmill=y |SkillDefense=y |SkillHeavyStander=2 |SkillManaDeflector =3 |SkillNaturalShield=2 |SkillChaincasting=y |SkillTeleportation=y |SkillFireball=y

|Notes=*Teleports whenever knocked backed with any attack except Windmill.

  • Will do 1,000+ damage with a Fireball.
  • Is usually not fooled by Play Dead.
  • Always appears in the last couple rooms on Floor 1.
  • The Red Ghosts in The First Milletian have approximately 300-400 HP, and give out 2640 (+900) exp each.

|Advice=*It is possible to use Fire-Counter.

  • It can be risky to use Smash sometimes, so if you can corner it with another person, spam Windmill.
  • One way to defeat this monster is to have an archer with Arrow Revolver shoot the enemy and 3-7 people guarding the archer with Windmill loaded. As the ranger shoots the ghost it will use Teleportation to move closer, allowing the "guards" to Windmill.
  • You can also corner it and use Mill-Spam. (This is possible to do alone however you must somehow get all the ghosts in a single corner and make sure that they dont get free. Also you might need a Giant to use Stomp behind a door on them to keep them stunned for a while while executing Windmill, also note that the stamina cost can be excessive so it is vital to have many stamina potions or stamina elixirs while attempting this).
  • Spirit Weapons do well.
  • If there is only one left it is possible to solo one of them by using Smash and quickly loading Windmill, please note however that windmill must be at least Rank 5 or higher for this to be possible.
  • Shadow Spirit can completely stun lock them giving you time to load Spear of Light or Wings of Rage granted that you are up against one or two.
  • A effective but also risky method is to execute Spinning Uppercut to break through its Defense and Protection, but it is highly recommended that the rank of the skill be rank 5 or higher to make a difference.
  • It is also not advised to use Drop Kick on them, as they will teleport behind you.
    • Using Pummel proves to be more effective as your party can freely use Smash and other skills to attack, given since Pummel leaves its target completely helpless for the duration of the skill.