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For the Little Ghost teleport skill, see Master Teleport.
For the Warp Imp teleport skill, see Pet Teleport.


  • Teleportation is a monster-only skill that allows them to instantly move from one spot to another.
    • Most monsters with this skill will usually use it to appear behind a player that just knocked it down. Some monsters, however, are known to teleport at will.
      • If not, then usually a spot where it was recently. This is more common when multiple people are attacking it.
      • If there is an obstacle (Walls, trees, campfires, Barrier Spikes) directly behind the player when the monster teleports, the monster will "fail" to teleport and tele-bounce in place.
    • Teleportation reassigns a monsters "base point" to where they teleport to. Meaning when you run far enough away from this point, the monster will walk back towards this point.
  • No monster teleports right after being knocked down with Windmill due to the AI being reset.
  • Monsters may attack after they teleport.
  • Teleportation usually leaves behind a ring of dark smoke (color similar to the Hellhound's smoke) on the two points of teleport.
  • This should not be confused with the player skill Final Hit, Final Shot, or lag, where your client is out-of-sync with the server. When re-synced, mobs will move to their correct server positions, along with you.
  • Sometimes the monster teleports while being knocked down and may "Bounce" off of where it teleported.
  • Teleportation can be used to evade certain attacks, such as Charge, Charging Strike, Shadow Spirit, or Wings of Rage.
  • Teleportation cannot evade Assault Slash even though the monster is not at the impact point.
    • Though, monsters can evade Assault Slash if they Teleport the moment Assault Slash lands.
  • Monsters using Flight can still teleport.
  • Final Hit teleports Human players directly to an enemy to attack.
  • Final Shot allows Elf players to teleport at will.
  • The skill Doppelganger teleports players directly to an enemy to attack.

Monsters with this Skill


  • In an RP of Generation 12, Morrighan has this skill, named Silent Move. She can use it to teleport anywhere at a limited distance.