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I'm keeping this short.

Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Kapra
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Sorry that felt immature, I'll instead say this:

Kapra - (Talk)23:52, 26 June 2014

New Beginnings is clearly bolded in the body of the patch notes. Ultimate Anime Summer is the giant 10 Week Even name that Nexon is hosting. There is no way in hell I (or anyone that matters) would associate "Ultimate Anime Summer" as part of the header for the current update. It should stay as "New Beginnings" and nothing more.


Neither of which change the fact that it is Ultimate Anime Summers: New Beginnings. (And Aces was also an "event", as is Ultimate Anime Summer.) There really is no arguing here. I don't like that they named it that way but that is their business, not mine. We need to use their names.

Kapra - (Talk)00:10, 27 June 2014

As NisePanda clearly stated, Nexon did not denote "Merlin Update" by any other term. In the patch notes for the current update, it is clearly bolded as I stated earlier; Even Yinato said so.

If it sounds like we are be hostile, we're really not. We're trying to explain as thoroughly as possible, but clearly, it's not working. I have no words left to say.


Look at the link I previously gave, they said "Mabinogi Aces: Merlin". Is that not what we're referring to?

Edit: @Lexis's Edit

You don't seem very hostile but Nise Panda does, particularly:

"Except you know, Nexon actually called it "Mabinogi Aces: Merlin", without any further details."


I honestly don't understand what you guys are trying to explain. I'm sorry if I'm not getting it. As far as I understand, I don't see why the post with both the links doesn't suffice.
Kapra - (Talk)00:29, 27 June 2014

I am convinced that you didn't read the first post I made.

Nise Panda (talk)00:53, 27 June 2014

Nise's hostility stems from dealing with you and your attempts to justify your views (not trying to sounds insulting. just being blunt).

Bottom line is that the ultimate anime summer event is just that: an event. If culinary artist was released at the same time as the doki doki event, would it have been doki doki: culinary artist? nope. The anime summer event will eventually end, but the "new beginnings" revamp won't.

Yinato (talk)07:19, 27 June 2014

I agree there is ambiguity in NexonNA's naming conventions, but it is also true as both Mikaya and Yinato have stated it. Culinary Artist is an Ace Talent, and should have been named as the last entry in the Aces batch of updates (Aces: Culinary Artist). We are getting "New Beginnings" content as a part of our "Ultimate Anime Summer" event for 2014. For consistency of nomenclature across version, I think it is best to separate event names with actual content titles as best we can. This is not a valuable detail, and is certainly not worth this much effort in defense.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)10:22, 27 June 2014