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Unrestricted Dungeon Pass

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Inventory icon of Unrestricted Dungeon Pass

1 × 2

Use this pass at a dungeon lobby in Uladh to enter any Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced dungeon. It will also lift any dungeon restrictions on the number of party members allowed. This pass does not permit access to Boss Trial Dungeons.


  • Right click the pass and select "use" and choose from a list of dungeon passes that you wish for this pass to become.
    • You can also go to the altar of the dungeon and drop it normally and a menu will pop up asking which level difficulty you desire.
  • Once you have chosen the dungeon and entered, the pass will be consumed.
    • You can only choose Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced dungeons using this pass.
    • This pass only works in dungeons located within Uladh.
    • This pass cannot be used to enter Abyss Peaca Advance, Abyss Coill Advanced, or any version of Rabbie Phantasm.
  • Lifts all party member restrictions to a specifically numbered dungeon, similar to Hard Mode Dungeons.
    • Example: Alby Advanced for 1 with an Unrestricted Pass will allow 8 players to enter with a single pass together.
    • Will not lift party size restrictions on dungeon difficulty that do not specify a party size (e.g. Barri Advanced is still restricted to 4 party members).
  • The dungeon created by the pass is no different from using a regular in-game pass.

Methods to Obtain

Unrestricted Dungeon Pass

Unrestricted Dungeon Pass (Event)