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Rundal Siren Hardmode

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For other difficulties of this dungeon, see Rundal Hardmode Dungeon.
For other dungeons, see Dungeons.
No File.pngRundal Siren Hardmode.
Dungeon Information
Drop Item Brown Fomor Pass.png
Floor Number 4
Visible Floors No
Hallway Chests No
Party Count 1~8
Participation Timer (seconds) 0 Seconds
Dungeon Guide No
Dungeon Vouchers No
Fountains Yes
Tiro No
Herb Patches Base Herb.pngBloody Herb.pngSunlight Herb.pngMana Herb.pngGold Herb.gifAntidote Herb.pngPoison Herb.pngMandrake.png
Ore Veins No


All Unique Monsters

Regular Monsters



Bosses Boss Summons Boss Drops
Any Party

Treasure Chests

Bonus Chest Rewards
No Bonus Chest Rewards


  • Gold: 612 ~ 906 Gold in 11 Stacks


  • Doorways Torches are only lit up if the door spawns in as locked.
    • Similarly, the torch behind the Goddess Statue at the end is visually missing but lit up.