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Synthesis List

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This page lists possible results when using the Synthesis skill.

Fixed Recipes

  • Putting in a specific combination of items results in a recipe for a specific result every time.

Random Recipes

  • When using the Synthesis Skill without using a Fixed Recipe, the item you gain depends on your input items.
  • If the result is a piece of equipment, it will have random colors and may have stat changes.

Resynthing Equipment

  • Putting in three of the same piece of equipment has a chance of making a new copy of that item.
    • Items that cannot be equipped are not eligible for resynthing.
    • All three inputs must be the same base item to qualify for this.
    • The chance of getting the same item regenerated is around 50%.
      • See "Random Results" for what happens if the game does not resynth that item.

Random Results

  • When using Synthesis to make a random item, the resulting item depends on two major factors.
  1. The type of items used as input.
    • If none of the input items match any reward list, the game will use the "Misc." items list.
    • If one or more input items matches one of the result categories, then it's possible to get a reward from that list.
      • For example a sword as an input item would make it possible to get a result from the sword list.
  2. The average value of the input items.
    • An item's value is generally what an NPC would sell it for, or around 10x the gold that an NPC will buy it for.
    • The value determines which sections of the reward list you're eligible for.
      • The reward can be chosen from any section up through the highest value the items qualify for.
      • It's more likely to receive a lower-value reward than a higher-value reward!










  • Various items have resale prices that don't match their internal value, and may be good to include in recipes.
    • If the "Warn when dropping expensive items" setting is on, Mabi will warn you if the item's internal value is 10K gold or more.
    • Gems resell for 0 gold despite having a potentially high value, so they're useful for synthesis.
      • Gem value is not fully known, but depends on size, with larger sizes giving a bigger increase.
      • For example including a large-size gem along with clothing has the possibility of making high-value clothing.
      • Synthing just gems will often result in rare crafting materials from the "Misc." list.