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Synthesis List

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This page is for the items made via the Synthesis alchemy skill.

Fixed Recipes

Random Equipment Recipes

The result of getting the desired item is based on NPC re-sell values, type of equipment, and durability. One example; You can get a War Sword using 3×Daggers, but the result would be lower than other recipes. If you used Kite shield, and 2×swords, the outcome of the desired item would be higher.

See the following pages for equipment made via random compounding of three items.

NOTE: These are only examples of which recipes you can use in order to create specific items.

Note: These recipes are not 100% and do not always create the item that is desired. The stats of the resulting item are not influenced by the recipes and are completely random. See Synthesis Grades for more information.

Miscellaneous Recipes

The following information may be useful to weed out bad recipes, and better understand synthesis.

For a combination of junk items, including any combination of:

You may receive the following: