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User:Rydian/Getting Stronger

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A basic guide on how to make your character stronger.

Rank Skills

  • Most skills do higher damage at higher ranks, so using them becomes more effective.
    • For example Smash for a human or elf does 2x damage at rank F, but it does 5x damage at rank 1.
  • Ranking skills gives stats. Stats from leveling are temporary, but stats from ranking skills are permanent and carry through Rebirth.
    • With enough skills ranked up, you may find yourself with way higher base stats after you rebirth.
  • Talents grant stat bonuses as well, and in most cases becoming a Grandmaster increases the stat bonuses.

Rebirth / Reset

  • It takes AP to rank skills and they get more expensive the higher they are, so you want as much AP as possible.
    • The primary source of AP is leveling, so you'll want to gain as many levels as you can.
      • It's easier to gain one more level when you're currently level 5 than when you're currently level 50.
        • Because of this, using the Rebirth feature allows you to reset your current level to make AP gain easier each week.
    • If you're under total level 1000, you can use the reset feature at Duncan to respec and use AP to train up different skills instead.


  • Not all skills are useful for all players. The most efficient way to get stronger is to focus on skills with the best return for your focus, either in use or stats.
    • Don't spend AP and time training skills that won't help. For example ranking Intermediate-level magic for more Int won't help your melee damage at all.
    • For skills you'll use in your talent (for example Smash and Bash for melee), ranking them up is a given since they become stronger moves.

Stat Gains

  • Ranking up other skills for stats is common, check the Stats and Skills page to see what the most efficient choices are.
  • If you choose two different talents, try to pick two that use and benefit the same stat.
    • For example Melee and Ninja both use and gain Strength, so they'll benefit eachother in growth.
    • Magic and Archery, however, use and benefit different stats, so gains in one won't benefit the other.

AP Sources

  • (Infinite) Leveling up, both normal and exploration levels.
  • (Infinite) Daily Quests, like the daily shadow missions.
  • (Infinite) Baltane Mission reward chests and boxes can give AP seals.
  • (Limited) Generation quests, some like Saga give lots of AP.
  • (Limited) Ranking up Talents to get AP refunds/rewards (at Novice/Naive/Advanced/Expert).
  • (Limited) Festia diary AP rewards for certain milestones.
  • (Limited) Lorna & Pan's tutorial rewards (Level 100 Celebration Box and 200 as well) have some AP.
    • Other Lorna & Pan quests at certain milestones like total level 1000 may give AP too.
  • Various events that may be happening at any given time, check the news posts on the website!