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User talk:Dejosa

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Image policy514:59, 17 March 2014
Chapter 4316:17, 18 September 2013
Images of Unreleased Content103:30, 17 February 2013
Bow that you just uploaded320:17, 18 July 2012
This patch816:49, 18 July 2012
Black backdrop114:15, 14 July 2012
Odran Wig311:59, 8 July 2012
Hamlet Gloves410:35, 19 June 2012
random stuck issue100:27, 7 June 2012
Star Rider Suit (M)616:53, 4 June 2012
No poses1513:52, 5 March 2012

Image policy

Please do not upload images that crop out part of the equipment (your front angle on colin armor), use poses that cover part of the equipment (angled view) or contain black or white color schemes. Please review the image policy for future reference.

Miyani21:14, 3 September 2011

I'll make the correction as soon as possible, once the servers are back online.

Dejosa21:15, 3 September 2011

Alrighty, Thank you for your dedication to the wiki ^^.

Miyani21:18, 3 September 2011

I know you guys are a bit picky with the texture of the armor and it was really outdated. I'll find someone else's Colin Armor and do pictures with those.

Dejosa21:20, 3 September 2011

Just going to say this here, could you turn turn off Outline Rendering next time you post images .3.? ty

Nise Panda (talk)13:04, 17 March 2014

My Outline Rendering... without it, it would make the character look really derpy because of my graphic's card.

Dejosa (talk)14:59, 17 March 2014

Are you sure its a technical mistake? I heard it was reverted because so much players complained about that change.

Infodude575 (talk)10:25, 18 September 2013

Well, I never seen any actual information or notice about the convert back. And why would people complain about it? That's quite stupid.

Dejosa (talk)15:50, 18 September 2013

Sheer loss of potential EXP, I think. Like for example, History's Curtain Call's EXP was reduced from 480k to 159,999, that's 320,001 EXP gone right there. Compared to Hard (800k), good bye 640,001 EXP.

Infodude575 (talk)15:56, 18 September 2013

Could be; however, there's still no confirmation from Nexon about the issue.

Dejosa (talk)16:17, 18 September 2013

Images of Unreleased Content

Rather than uploading images for content that isnt released, it would probably be better it you used your utilities to upload images for items that do exist, yes?

If it exists, then it has a place. I'm just going by what hasn't been posted on here or needs correction.

Dejosa (talk)03:30, 17 February 2013

Bow that you just uploaded

Take the arrows off please.

☯ǝʞoʇo⊥☯20:12, 18 July 2012

Is it actually against the policy?

Dejosa20:15, 18 July 2012

I'm not too sure, but I know that its best to have the arrows taken off like they were in the Masterpiece Bow pictures.

☯ǝʞoʇo⊥☯20:17, 18 July 2012

The focus is on the bow, and arrows obstruct the view of the bow.

S•A•R•I•A20:17, 18 July 2012

Okay. Fixed.

Dejosa20:17, 18 July 2012

This patch

[1] Do you know for a fact that this update is the bard update? I'm under the impression they're just revealing previews at the moment.

Pyro - (Talk)16:37, 18 July 2012

I'm very sure if they're releasing previews now, then it's going to come out with this patch. Besides, it's stated as a Game Update patch.

Dejosa16:40, 18 July 2012

The bard is coming out on expected date of July 25th, not with this patch.

♥šεεçrετ♥16:41, 18 July 2012

Typically, NA tends to release teasers a week or so before and update to build up hype. Besides, it says Game Server Update, something completely different than a Game Update. O .o

Pyro - (Talk)16:42, 18 July 2012

Then they need to keep the teasers delayed until after the maintenance, because that can easily confused people. Besides, what's this maintenance for anyways?

Dejosa16:42, 18 July 2012
Game Server Update


Pyro - (Talk)16:43, 18 July 2012

Nice stating the obvious, but if it's not Bard, then what is it?

Dejosa16:45, 18 July 2012

It's a server update. Coding changes. Fixes, hopefully. Whatever the else they decide to do.

Oh no, I lost my signature!16:49, 18 July 2012

The teaser states at the end for 1 or 2 seconds that it's coming out on July 25th, so it's totally fine if they keep it there.

♥šεεçrετ♥16:45, 18 July 2012

Black backdrop

If you're using a black backdrop, could you please not wear black clothing? It makes it hard to see the scale of items, e.g. on your sword of elsinore sheathed picture.

Angevon (Talk)08:26, 14 July 2012

I'll get a fixed version, once I'm able to get back on Mabinogi. That's if it wants to run again.

Dejosa14:15, 14 July 2012


I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but admins do have the power to move images. You can use a delete request to bring the image to their attention, placing the destination name in the "reasons" parameter.

The issue I find with the re-uploads is crediting. They're not initially your pictures, but the comments don't note that. No one's going to know without actually going to the original.

So the two solutions I see right now are:

  1. Request deletes of the images you uploaded to make way for moving the originals; or
  2. Add text to the Odran Wig images to clarify the original contributor.

Since you made the move, I'll leave it to you to decide which method to employ. (Unless an admin decides to make the call first.)


Akira00:56, 8 July 2012

I'll do a revision on them and make the appropriate credits.

Dejosa01:15, 8 July 2012

(No need to re-upload, you can put text into "File:" namespaces too, with the edit button.)

Thanks for the effort.

Akira09:58, 8 July 2012

Ohkay. I'm somewhat confused over some functions of the Wiki, still. xD

Dejosa11:59, 8 July 2012

Hamlet Gloves

Can you reupload with your character wearing pants, please? :)

Zey08:32, 19 June 2012

I'm not sure if there's a rule against that. I don't have any clothes that I can wear (that doesn't cover up the arms); however, I will replace the image, if it does come into violation.

Dejosa08:37, 19 June 2012

It's been stated by several wiki mods, and it's preferred that clothing is worn as stated in LexisMikaya's "Optimizing Pictures to Wiki Standards" guide.

Zey08:42, 19 June 2012

Well, I'll replace the image soon.

Dejosa10:30, 19 June 2012

Thank you~ n______n

Zey10:35, 19 June 2012

random stuck issue

does this occur while dueling/fighting with fighter skills? i've never experienced an actual random stuck issue where i havent been doing anything.

No, it's just completely random. I was traveling in Tara (just went through the portal) and it stuck my character, eventually causing my character to crash. It's happened to a few others. No need to worry about a rollback, because it just acts like a disconnection.

Dejosa00:27, 7 June 2012

Star Rider Suit (M)

Your replacement was no better than my image. The lighting was fine and my image was already a png. So, tell me again why it was replaced?

aster14:49, 4 June 2012

From what I seen in the picture, it had more of a glow to it. Also, there was an image replacement tag with it, so that's why I replaced the image. I apologize for what happened.

Dejosa15:05, 4 June 2012

@aster: Your images were JPGs saved as PNGs. In order for an image previewing an item to be compliant with the wiki policy, it must a natural PNG. You can view the image policy here, and you may also want to read this page (this section of that page in particular).

Ginkgo15:09, 4 June 2012

No, I didn't save a JPG as a PNG.

aster16:04, 4 June 2012

When I zoom in on the images you uploaded for the Star Rider Suit (M), there is noticeable pixelization. Those images are not natural PNGs. Again, please see this section of the "Wiki Tips for New Editors" article for a step-by-step guide on capturing images which are of a quality compliant with the wiki policy.

Ginkgo16:23, 4 June 2012

Their image still looks no better than mine honestly. But, whatever you say. I still think it was an necessary replacement. Not arguing though. -shrugs-

aster16:52, 4 June 2012

Yeah, I noticed it was low-quality, so that's why I replaced it, along with the possible glow-effect in the picture. I had someone take a look at it and they noticed it was either a low-quality or it was in a JPG format. Whatever it was, I did upload a better quality version.

Dejosa16:53, 4 June 2012

Hey is it okay if you could maybe take another image WITHOUT using an action wear? That would be great!

Seecret22:20, 3 March 2012

Oh sorry forgot to mention it's for the andris staff sheathed haha

Seecret22:20, 3 March 2012

I don't know why you're trying to nick-pick; however, there's really nothing wrong with it. It barely moves with the action and that's actually a better shot than with a normal pose.. I just had to put on the wig, because it almost blends in with my normal hair.

Dejosa04:39, 4 March 2012

Look i'm not trying to "nick-pick", it just states in the Image Policy that it is preferred without a pose.

Seecret05:58, 4 March 2012

The only thing that's against the rules are Royal Alchemist poses. There's nothing against the policy to use any other clothing to pose. Every clothing that I used cut a portion out of the staff, even with the wig, but this one is the best that I can obtain.

Dejosa14:40, 4 March 2012
  • Do not have your character use Gestures.

Which also means NPC action clothing items, sorry to seem so rude about this but I was just asking nicely if you could perhaps replace the sheathed andris staff image to one without an NPC action. It could give off the wrong idea that they might make that pose during the staff being sheathed.

Seecret15:09, 4 March 2012

Oh also, it would be best if nobody else was in the image shot (talking about the red sword looking things), also good to be inside somewhere (Dunbarton School perhaps?), and I think if I remember from a post your not supposed to credit people, but I could be wrong.

Seecret15:12, 4 March 2012

Johnkilla asked me to give him credit for posing with the staff. I only state it in the description, not in the picture.

Dejosa15:38, 4 March 2012

It doesn't matter if it's in the image or not, we had actually told Johnkilla before that credit isn't really necessary.

Seecret15:39, 4 March 2012

Also, why are you nickpicking with every little thing with the picture? There's nothing really wrong with it.

Dejosa15:39, 4 March 2012

I am not "nick-picking", I am just showing you what you could improve in the picture and what is against the policy.

Seecret15:41, 4 March 2012

Seecret, you're nitpicking. Besides, your wings are too close to white.

Dejosa, the current image is perfect, don't change it. It was already said my staff was too white to begin with.

Johnkilla13:29, 5 March 2012

Woah, John, your kind of being a jerk here everything is already done. Stop attacking people on the wiki?

Seecret13:32, 5 March 2012

I had meant to say something a long time ago, but I've been busy. It just bothered me since I had told Barding not to post the pictures.

I felt like he'd been trying to start a fight in my name, so to speak.

Johnkilla13:45, 5 March 2012

Barding and I had already discussed this, there is no need to post on a subject we have already closed.

Seecret13:47, 5 March 2012

I don't see how Barding could have a discussion for me. But fine, I'll leave that alone for now.

Johnkilla13:52, 5 March 2012