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Portrait of BelitaFile:Belita.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Healer, Geologist and
Fossil Collector
Location Calida Exploration Camp
Part-Time Job Healer's House
6:00 am - 3:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am
Track Brink of the Shroud
I am part of the Royal Geological Society and have been dispatched here for the study of the volcanic regions.




Her fingers comb through her short hair with great familiarity. Over the white volcano smoke appears a subtle smile that speaks of sweet mystery.

Belita is one of the three adventurers who went to Zardine, the other two being Arenen and Kelpie. She acts as the healer in Calida Exploration Camp, and will also provide you with Gold and Exploration experience in exchange for restored Fossils.

She seems to be dedicated to her work, but does not like being distracted or doing someone else's work.


She hails from Emain Macha, and went to school with "Bookworm Sinead" there, but doesn't remember speaking to her at all. She mentions Sinead always had a book in front of her head, apparently reading and/or studying.

Like Dilys, Belita has a distrust for males, having had a bad experience with love.

Mainstream Story



Daily Quest

[Daily Quest] Hot Air Balloon
How to Get Quest

Accept the quest from Belita

Briefing Take a ride on the Hot-Air Balloon, defeat the wyvern, and obtain stars to receive the reward. -Belita-
  • Obtain 30 Star points while riding the Hot Air Balloon.


Part-Time Jobs

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  • Belita's NPC outfit (Unobtainable)


Track Title
Brink of the Shroud
Speaking to Belita


  • The emblem on her sleeve might be the Geology Society's symbol.
  • Her eye color is brighter on her NPC artwork than her in-game model.