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Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Priestess
Location Deceased
When the town was attacked by an unknown monster a long time ago, Priestess Adelia faced it alone, even though she was but a fragile woman, and even drove the monster away with the protection of Lymilark.

The faithful follower of Lymilark all share the same power of belief, but I'm still amazed she stood up to such a devastating monster. I can't even imagine myself in her shoes.




Adelia was a Priestess who worshiped Lymilark. She used to work in Tir Chonaill, before Meven and Endelyon, at a time where the town constantly had to fend off attacks. She was friends with Isla, the Pontiff at that time.

She eventually sacrificed herself to save Tir Chonaill's inhabitants.

After her death, she was canonized as a Saint and the stream flowing through Tir Chonaill was renamed after her.


  • In the questline Rush of Love, Ysolte is told to have resembled Adelia by Ferghus. It is implied that this is because of her blue eyes.
  • Using the Adelia Stream Keyword on Etain reveals that Isla would sometimes visit Tir Chonaill after Adelia's death; Isla spent long hours into the night speaking with Pencast after these trips.


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