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Upload a portrait for Isla
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Former Pontiff of Lymilark
Location ?
Oh my predecessor, Isla! She had a strange hobby. In fact, she had all kinds of interests and activities. She liked to take inspiration from the light cast through stained glass.




Isla was the former Pontiff of the Church of Lymilark, the one directly before Etain and the one responsible for training her. She was friends with Adelia, a priestess located in Tir Chonaill. While the Milletian does not directly meet them, she is presumed to be in charge of the Church until at least the events of Generation 16: Macbeth.

Adelia worked in Tir Chonaill at a time where the town constantly had to fend off attacks, and Isla's later years were troubled by regrets of having failed to prevent the death of Adelia when she sacrificed herself to save her village. One of her only solaces was her hobby with Glyphwrighting, though the Church of Lymilark does not publicly recognize her work in that field.


Isla has likely authored multiple books: