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Category:Apostle Raids

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Raid Quest.png
  • Apostle Raids are unique Shadow Missions that allow multiple Parties, or squad, to fight against a powerful boss.
  • The player must have completed Generation 19 in order to partake in an apostle raid. The player must also have a certain Talent level based on the raid's difficulty.
    • It is possible to join a squad before completing Generation 19, however it's not recommended due to the fact some missions require multiple usage of Crusader Skills unlocked in that Generation.
  • To enroll in an apostle raid, interact with the Alban Knight Emblem located to the side of Emain Macha's pub.
    • The Raid List will display the raids and their difficulty, and also prompts the player to start a squad.
      • Squads can also be formed from the Party Window (with 'P' as the default hotkey).
      • If no squads are found during a squad search on the bulletin, a squad will automatically be formed.
      • Squads consist up to 4 parties, or 32 players. However, the number of players allowed is based on the raid.
      • The squad is led by a captain. The captain has the ability to:
        • Open and close party slots, however open slots cannot exceed the amount of players the raid limits.
        • Name the individual parties.
        • Reassign players to specific parties.
        • Add level restrictions of 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 7,000.
        • Promote one person in each party to a lieutenant, who has the ability to ?.
      • Squads have a chat that allows one to talk to all members in the squad. The chat also shows if the chatting person is a member, lieutenant, or captain.
        • While in a squad, the party chat only allows players to talk to members in their party.
        • The captain can trigger a system message, similar to a bugle, by adding "/p" in squad chat before the message.
          • Only the squad will see the system message.
        • If party chat is hidden, joining a squad will automatically unhide it.
      • Shadow Missions cannot be accepted while in a squad. Likewise, a squad cannot be made with a Shadow Mission in the quest log.
      • In addition to all the features of a regular party, players can also directly teleport to northeast of Emain Macha's pub. This function can be reused at 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM in-game time.
    • Once a squad is formed and all squad members are present, the squad captain can talk to the Alban Knight Emblem again to start the raid.
      • If there are ? members in the squad, then the captain can give to all raiding members thirty seconds to confirm their readiness (if that happens all players must accept in order for the raid to begin).
      • If no squad is formed, a player is opted to take on a solo mission.
  • Completing an apostle raid rewards Experience and Gold.
  • Apostle Raids also possess several daily and weekly quests, called orders, which reward Crusader Level Experience.
    • Daily orders reset at 7:00am PDT100. Weekly orders reset every Saturday at 7:00am PDT100.
    • Daily orders have 10 random objectives and 1 fixed (11 total). Weekly orders have 20 fixed objectives.
    • Raid quests are given in "Repeat" quest tab.
  • Crusader Skills can be distributed while in a Raid Dungeon.
  • If the Boss despawns, due to server issues for example, the mission is automatically failed.

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