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Hasidim (Raid)

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For the monster, see Hasidim (Monster).


Mission Information


  • Party Size: 1~16
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Talent Level: Master+
  • Mission Details: An Apostle different from anything ever witnessed before has appeared in Avalon.
    Called Hasidim, this apostle possesses lightning-quick mobility, with which it rushes forward and obliterates all in its path.
    Hasidim is able to channel energy from the white stones charged with Avalon's Divine Light, and uses this energy to unleash devastating attacks.
    Many bands of raiders have fought against Hasidim, but they were forced to retreat, one after another, corrupted and neutralized by the Unholy Light released when Hasidim's minerals explode.
    If pushed to low health, Hasidim uses the stones in its weapon to leech the squad's life, healing itself.
    Perhaps due to some fragmented memory of when it was human; it tends to disappear from the battlefield once it has killed many squad members.
  • Info: Defeat Apostle Hasidim



Five of the following objectives are given at random. All progress is reset at 7:00am PST100. 300 Crusader EXP is given per objective completion, 500 is given for achieving the Mid-Bonus, and an additional 1,000 is given for completing all Hasidim and Girgashiy Daily Order objectives.

  • A Minor Inconvenience: Rescue a squad member from Purgatory
  • Diminished Impact: Use a Warding skill to block Hasidim's Double-Edged Swing
  • In This Together: Survive Purgatory
    • Purgatory must be canceled by dealing a sufficient number of Critical Hits to Hasidim for this to count. Running out the attack's time limit will not fulfill this order.
  • Suitably Sustained: Receive First Aid while trapped in Purgatory
    • This requires another squad member to use the First Aid skill on you while you are trapped.
    • Receiving First Aid from your summoned Pet will not count.
  • This Too Shall Pass: Get through the Trial of Pain
  • Living With Loss: Have the use of your Crusader skills disabled.
    • Being hit by Hasidim's Mineral Explosion attack will disable the use of your Crusader skills.
  • Battlefield Awareness: Witness Hasidim's Soul Chase
  • Thrill of the Chase: Escape Hasidim's Soul Chase
    • This calls for the entire squad to either evade the chaser orbs or negate them using Shield of Trust
  • Battlefield Awareness: Witness Hasidim's Fierce Charge
  • Evasive Action: Defeat Hasidim without being hit by its Double-Edged Swing
  • Lifeline: Heal a squad member trapped in Purgatory
  • Pride Untoppled: Defeat Hasidim without dying at all
  • Put to the Test: Become the first rescuer of the Trial of Pain
    • Becoming the "first rescuer" means to be the one squad member who doesn't start trapped when Hasidim uses the Trial of Pain attack
  • Trophy of War: Complete the Hasidim mission and gain Crusader EXP
  • Squad Commendation: [Mid-Bonus] Complete 5 of the missions
    • Girgashiy-specific Daily Orders can count towards this total.


All nine objectives are given. All progress is reset at 7:00am PST on Saturdays. 700 Crusader EXP is given per objective completion, 2,000 is given for achieving the Mid-Bonus, and an additional 3,000 is given for completing all Hasidim and Girgashiy Weekly Order objectives.

  • Defensive Tactics: Use [Shield of Trust] to block Hasidim's Mineral Explosion 10 times
  • Defensive Tactics: Use [Shield of Trust] to block Hasidim's Soul Chase 5 times
  • Battlefield Awareness: Witness Hasidim's Trial of Pain 5 times
  • Flight, Not Fight: Avoid Hasidim's Fierce Charge 5 times
  • Mistakes Were Made: Take extra damage from Hasidim's Mineral Explosion 5 times
    • This means to be hit by the penalty strike that occurs after the main attack of Mineral Explosion, when anyone in the squad is unprotected from the attack via Shield of Trust.
      • Mineral Explosion and its penalty strikes will hit their target and any other target nearby, allowing for multiple counts to be gained towards this Order in a single attack if multiple squad members are nearby
  • A Lively Bunch: Defeat Hasidim with 3 of fewer squad member deaths 3 times
  • The Victory Sprint: Defeat Hasidim 10 times
  • Blitz Battle: Defeat Hasidim within 5 minutes
  • Mission Possible: Clear all three Daily Orders 3 times
  • Squad Commendation: [Mid-Bonus] Complete 10 of the missions
    • Girgashiy-specific Weekly Orders can count towards this total.


For a full guide, see Guide:Hasidim Raid.
  • Hasidim is a skill immune monster, and is also immune to Sharp Mind, Sand Burst, Rain Casting's rank 1 aggro effect, Lullaby, and Elemental Reforges.
  • Hasidim possesses the following skills: Advanced Heavy Stander, Double-Edged Swing, Fierce Charge, Soul Chase, Mineral Explosion, Purgatory, and Trial of Pain.
    • Hasidim uses its skills when its Health reaches a certain point.
    • All its attacks except Double-Edged Swing, Fierce Charge, and Soul Chase deal a fixed percentage of the player's Health and Deadly status, meaning that increasing one's Health and Defensive Stats will have little effect.
      • Mana Shield is effective against all of its attacks, except the raid-wide instant kill from failing to clear Hasidim's Trial of Pain attack, though it will absorb the initial damage from being crystallized at the start of the attack.
  • A well timed Evasion can be used to dodge Soul Chase.
  • In addition to high health and defense, Hasidim has a passive ability that reduces all damage by 98% on top of its defensive stats, which can only be pierced with Judgment Blade in its downed state.
  • Use Crusader Skills to combat Hasidim; Shield of Trust will negate the initial strike of its Mineral Explosion and stun Hasidim, Celestial Spike will extend Hasidim's stun time after Shield of Trust is used against Mineral Explosion, and Judgment Blade will lower its Defense.
    • However, keep in mind that crusader skills share the same cooldown with each other, so communicate with the squad on who uses what Crusader skill.
    • Support Shot, Death Mark, and Rage Impact affect Judgment Blade's damage.
  • It is strongly recommended to have high-ranked Party Healers, especially with "the Master of Party Healing" and/or SAO Pina 2nd Titles to heal squad members trapped in Purgatory.
  • Try to form multiple "mini-squads" made up of one shielder and two non-shielders to stick close by each other, while avoiding stacking too close to other mini-squads.
    • Each mini-squad should also try to stick close by to Hasidim, as to be close enough to perform the Crusader skill combo after Hasidim uses its Mineral Explosion attack.
      • Try to not have squad members be too far from each other, to more effectively react to and survive Hasidim's other attacks, such as Purgatory and its Trial of Pain.
  • Make use of Sorrow Sonata (red Fantastic Chorus circle) as this slows Hasidim down and reduces the damage of its Fierce Charge and Double-Edged Swing.
  • Avoid being nearby to other squad members if the squad activates the penalty strike of Hasidim's Mineral explosion, as it has an area of effect and multiple squads members nearby will cause each other to be struck multiple times.
    • Making use of invulnerability frames, such as from using Anchor Rush or Transformations, can avoid both the initial strike from Mineral Explosion and its penalty strike.
      • It is unadvised to try to avoid the initial strike in such a way, as it will count as being unprotected via Shield of Trust and will activate the penalty strike for the entire squad.
      • Any squad members who are currently Unconscious when Mineral Explosion strikes will count as being unprotected via Shield of Trust and will activate the penalty strike for the entire squad.
      • Any squad members who are currently mounted on a pet when Mineral Explosion strikes will count as being unprotected via Shield of Trust and will activate the penalty strike for the entire squad.
  • With the exception of its Double-Edged Swing, the linear area of effect of its Fierce Charge, and the area of effect of Mineral Explosion, its attacks do not target Pets, Monster Mercenaries, and Rag Dolls.
    • Pets struck by the area of effect of Mineral Explosion, while unprotected via Shield of Trust, will receive the debuff that disables the use of Crusader skills, which will negate an active Divine Link.
      • If the pet's owner does not also have their Crusader skills disabled, Divine Link can be reapplied even if the pet still retains the debuff.