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Beholder Beam Attack

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Beholder Beam Attack.png Shoot a Beholder Beam from your eyes


  • Possessed by the Blinker and Strange Snowball.
  • Automatically places the monster in Flight.
  • Sends a spotlight-like beam down on the targeted player, steadily draining their HP and then knocks them back for extra damage, similar to Life Drain.
    • The draining portion bypasses Magic Defense, Magic Protection, Passive Defense, and Mana Shield. The knockback portion does not.
    • The draining portion prevents players from loading or using loaded skills, Actions, or Personas, attack, and forces walking, effectively leaving the player defenseless.
    • If the player becomes invincible at any time during the draining part of the skill (e.g. receiving a Smash), the drain will stop affecting them.
    • All players and pets inside or near the beam are affected.
    • The Blinker does not regain any HP.
    • Does not cause the Blinker to become invincible, unlike Monster Life Drain.
    • Can be used in rapid succession, essentially stun-locking its target(s).


Rank N F E D C B A 9
Drain Duration [sec] 10 15 20 30 5 10 15 20
Absorption [/sec] 4.5 5 5.25 5 5 4 4.33 4
Absorption (Total) 45 75 105 150 25 40 65 80
Knockback Damage 60 100 140 200 40 70 100 140
Splash Radius 100?
Load Time [sec] 2
Effective Range 2000