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Bomberman Event (2012)

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Bomberman Event Advertisement
May 10th, 2012 - May 23rd, 2012


We've always been told that weapons aren't something that should be played with, but this time we're ignoring all warnings and so we're yelling “bombs away” across Erinn!

In this risky event you will need to visit Popper and begin passing the bomb to as many people as possible to win rewards. (Note: You cannot pass the bomb to the same player!) The more people you pass to, the better the rewards!

The prizes for taking part in these daredevil activities will definitely be worth the singes in your robe!

- Popper Hat

- Baby Pink Package Set Set

- Sky Blue Package Set Set

- Black and Gold Package Set

The Bomberman Event runs from May 10 to May 23, 2012.[1]


Receiving the Popper Bomb from another player.
  • Popper will appear in the following places at 12:00pm:
    • Eastern Fields of Tir Chonaill
    • Southwest Fields of Dunbarton, near the bears in the farthest most corner.
    • Northern Fields of Emain Macha
    • Behind the Pub of Bangor, between the pub and the house.
    • Northern Fields of Tara, directly east of the Trading Post, near a large rock along the boundary wall.
  • At 3:30pm one player in the event area will receive the Popper Bomb.
  • Popper will say to the player who first receives the bomb: "Here's a Popper Bomb for you! HAHA!"
  • To pass the Popper Bomb to another player, you must click a player's character within the event area.
  • The receiving player will display a message where the player must choose to Accept or Decline the Bomb within 3 seconds.
    • Skills cannot be used when in possession of the bomb.
    • Note:If your character becomes stuck from using Rest, you will be unable to pass it. Re-logging will cause the Bomb to be dropped, thus allowing another person to pick it up and continue passing it.
    • You may not pass the Bomb to the same person again.
  • The goal of this event is to pass the Popper Bomb around to other players.
    • The more you pass the Bomb around, the better the reward!
  • At around 6:00pm the Bomb will start to flicker, indicating that it is about to explode.
  • Every ten people traded will increase the rewards by one level.
    • The highest level of reward is level ten totaling to 100 people needed for the highest grade reward box.
  • The Bomb will detonate at 7:30pm or if the player with the Bomb doesn't pass it within a time limit
    • A Popper Gift Box will drop at the player's feet for player who stay inside the detonation circle when the event ends.
    • A Grand Popper Gift Box will drop at the player's feet if they reach enough trades between players.
  • If the player does not claim the Gift Box, it will disappear after one minute.
    • Other players may not pick it up.

Hints and Tips

  • A way to make sure every player along the event area receives the bomb once would be to make a line or a circle and pass the bomb to the player next to him or her.
  • The player who receives the bomb at 3:00pm heads to the front of the line and starts passing it back while everyone waits in line.
  • Do not pass it to players who are sitting down or are away from the game as this will limit/slow down the amount of passes as well as end the event early.
  • If you received the bomb and passed while waiting for the detonation, move to the sides of the line while staying inside the detonation area.
    • This would eliminate confusion, and loss of time, trying to find a player to pass to.
    • Another method would be to sit down after you have received and passed the bomb.
  • Doing the event on market channels will help accumulate more players to pass the bomb around.
  • One method to prevent disruptive players from running off with the bomb is to use a Ticking Quiz Bomb on them.


Popper Gift Box





Grand Popper Gift Box