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Category:Right Hand Tools

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This category is for tools that are equipped on the right hand.

  • Tools that can be equipped are usually equipped on the right hand.
  • Right hand tools are required to activate some gathering skills, some production skills, the fishing skill and the exploration action.
  • They may lose Durability and gain Proficiency at different rates when used with their specific skills as compared to fighting with them.
    • Note that the Empty Bottle is an exception, as it has no durability to lose, no proficiency to gain and never needs to be repaired.
  • Some of these tools can be upgraded to improve their usefulness in their appropriate non-combat skills (e.g., decrease the time taken to gather Wool for a Gathering Knife).
    • Those that can be upgraded can also have their weapon stats increased to make them more effective in combat. However, it would be better to upgrade the stats of a weapon as they will perform better in combat.
  • They cannot be dual wielded or become spirit weapons.
  • Most but not all are ineffective weapons.
  • Even the few right hand tools that are effective in combat are less so than almost any weapon.

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