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Trade Assistant Imp

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Portrait of Trade Assistant ImpFile:Trade Assistant Imp.png
Trade Assistant Imp
Race Imp (Fomor)
Gender Unknown
Occupation Trade Assistant
Location Commerce
Repair Fomor Weapon, 98%
For the Imp enchant, see Rank A Enchants#Imp.
For Pet Imps, see Lava Walker Imp and Jungle Explorer Imp.
For the Monster variant, see Imp.
For the Stone variant, see Stone Imp.
For the Bandit variant, see Bandit#Imp.


The Trade Assistant Imp, also known as the Mercantile Assistant Imp, is a Fomorian Imp responsible for running the item shop at the Trade Posts as part of the Commerce, selling various items, such as Fomor Weapons for Ducats. The Imp also acts as a "guide" during a player's travels by providing information along the way.

The Imp despises Bandits and will pay a hefty sum for Bandit Badges.

The Imp can also teach players Wine Making by selecting "Ferment wine" and clicking the winery the player wishes to use. However, they still need the respective materials in order to start the aging process.




  • All of the Imp names except Sena seems to end with a u sound. (e.g. ru, gu, ku, etc.)
    • Similarly, the Imp that drives the Scooter Imp pet is named Daru.
  • According to the Bandit Badge description, the Imp is male. However, it is unknown which Imp it is specifically referring to, or whether all Imps are male.
  • There seems to be two different Trade Assistant Imps: one that manages the shop and one that supposedly travels with the player. The Merchant Imp says "I wish I could see the world..." while the Traveling Imp says "I want to be rich! My dream is to run my own bank.", suggesting the two are not the same.
  • A similar Imp can be seen in the Erinn Martial Arts Competition announcing the opposing teams.
  • The Imps Neru and Nunu appear in the Snowball Fight Event (2012).
  • The Imp says it does not like Goblins for an unspecified reason and hates Ogres for being dirty, despite the fact that the Imp works with them.
  • The Trade Assistant Imp says that the Falias Artifacts found in the Merchant Imp's shop were actually stolen from Falias.
  • Strangely, it is not possible to talk to a Trade Assistant Imp while logged in as a Lava Walker Imp, Jungle Scout Imp, or Warp Imp pets despite belonging to the same race. This is due to their function as pets, which are incapable of talking to non-animal NPCs.