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Tara Donation Box

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The Tara Donation Box is a competitive charity used to distribute gold to new players while rewarding donators with various items.


The donation box and offering board.


  • The Offering Box is located inside the Pontiff's Court at Tara.
    • You may donate between 1 Gold and 100,000 Gold at a time.
    • You may choose to make donations from your Bank.
    • You may choose to donate anonymously.
    • Donations cannot be withdrawn.
  • Donators may receive mail indicating that a part of their donation went to a less experienced, beginner player.
    • The beginner player will receive a Check in the mail and will be notified of their benefactor.
      • The Check amount will either be 10,000 Gold or 100,000 Gold.
      • The Check amount depends on the amount donated.

Good Deeds

  • To encourage donations, every Samhain (Saturday) the Pontiff's Court will randomly reward players who donate with equipment and items.
    • Donators have a random chance of obtaining the quest "Reward for a Good Deed" every time they donate.
      • The amount you donate does appear to affect the rate at which you obtain the quest.
      • It is possible to obtain this quest multiple times on any Samhain (Saturday).
    • You will receive very little indication that you have earned a reward.
      • Checking Corentin's location on the map to see if a quest pops up is the best indicator of having obtained the quest.


  • To thank generous donators, every Imbolic (Sunday) at 11:00pm PST100 the Pontiff's Court will place the names of the five players with the highest donations on the Offering Board. Additionally they will obtain the "Philanthropist" quest, enabling them to collect a special reward and a Journal entry.
    • Philanthropists will receive the quest the first time they log in or change channels after the top philanthropists have been named.
    • There is a unique reward for all five placements, as well as two versions of each reward.
      • Warning: Failing to report to Corentin before the next Imbolic (Sunday) will result in you not being rewarded an item.
    • Some NPCs, such as Eluned or Lezzaro, donate money as well. They will win if their donations are higher than player contributions.
      • Lezzaro donates 30,000, Eluned donates 25,000, Duncan donates 20,000, Keith donates 15,000, and Eavan donates 10,000.

Related Quests

Reward for a Good Deed
How to Get Quest

Donate a random amount of gold to the Tara Donation Box on Samhain (Saturday)

Briefing Thank you for helping the poor. We have something we would like to give you, so please come to the Pontiff's Court when you have the time. May the blessings of Lymilark be with you. - Corentin -

Talk to Corentin.

  • 777 Experience Points
How to Get Quest

Be one of the top 5 weekly contributors

Briefing Thank you for your participation in charitable works. After reviewing the past year, we have prepared a gift for those who have continued to donate all throughout the year. Please visit the Pontiff's Court as soon as you can.

Talk to Corentin.

  • 35,000 Experience Points

Good Deed Rewards

  • One of the following rewards will be provided by Corentin after speaking to her during the "Reward for a Good Deed" quest.

Top Five Philanthropists Rewards

  • In addition to being put on the Offering Board, Corentin will reward the top five players with one of two rewards based on their ranking.
    • Warning: Failing to report to Corentin before the next Imbolic (Sunday) will result in you not being rewarded an item.
    • You will randomly receive either the equipment reward or the Falias-related potions.


  • If the player fails to collect their special reward, Corentin will explain that it is no longer available to them because the item itself was "donated to charity".
  • When using the Nearby Rumors Keyword, Corentin admits that some portion of the donations is used to fund The Temple Knights.