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Alban Knights Baltane Special Unit

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Basic Information

The unit overview tab.

The Alban Knights Baltane Special Unit is a system to interact with the NPCs of Avalon Gate: Dai, Eirlys, Elsie, Kanna, Kaour and Logan. Interacting with them will raise or decrease their likability towards the player. Three of the NPCs can be recruited to your unit and sent out on missions.

The "Special Unit" tab on your character screen shows you the basic overview of your unit, allows warping to and from Avalon Gate, and also allows selection of Missions.

The "Enter Camp" button will warp you to Avalon Gate, where you will find the squires for interaction and Shuan for management of your unit. Shuan also has a help function which explains many aspects of the system.

Command Level

Your command level determines which missions you can undertake, how many squires you can have at once, and more. You gain permanent stat increases for every two command levels you gain.

  • Command level is currently capped at 30.
Command Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14+
Squires 1 2 3


The mission selection screen.

The "Missions" button brings up the "Special Unit Training Board" where you can select missions to assign to your squires. Each mission has required stats in one or more areas to complete the mission. The squire you send on the mission has a success rate determined by their stats compared to the mission requirements, with the success rate capped at 95%. Missions take an amount of time for the squire to attempt, measured in both Erinn Time and real world minutes. Current missions can be added to the Quest Tracker for tracking, and must be completed manually by the player when the square is finished. Missions can be completed remotely from the Special Unit tab of the character window.


Possible mission rewards include seals, command experience, training points, and more. Each mission shows you the reward before you accept it.


If a Squire fails a mission, they may become injured. While injured you cannot send them on a mission or training, increase their likability through conversation, and they will have a noticeboard in their place saying that they are currently injured.

The injured Squire will be moved to the Infirmary at the north-east of the base, and will rest there for seven real-world days unless the player treats their injuries. During this time their affection towards the player will also decrease. After successful treatment, the player chooses a social dialogue response, followed by a conversation with the injured Squire. If the Squire was successfully treated, they will return to their primary location as per usual.

Symptom Treatment
Leg is bleeding Perform Blood Transfusion
Body is bleeding Perform Blood Transfusion
Shoulder is bleeding Perform Blood Transfusion
Drained by Fiery Chase Prescribe Rest
Drained by Plan to Retreat Prescribe Rest
Drained by A Long Journey Prescribe Rest
Potion has taken hold Administer Antidote
Mantua Poison Herb has taken hold Administer Antidote
Pot-Belly Spider Venom has taken hold Administer Antidote
White Rock Scorpion Venom has taken hold Administer Antidote
Received Captured by the Apostle Divine Damage Grant Divine Power
Received Because of Divine Power Divine Damage Grant Divine Power
Received Because of Mutant Attacks Divine Damage Grant Divine Power
Wrist is broken Apply a bandage
Ribs bone is cracked Apply a bandage
Wrist bone is cracked Apply a bandage
Suffered Because of Childhood Psychological Attack Give Comfort
Suffered Because of Hated Food Psychological Attack Give Comfort
Ankle is swollen Give Cold Massage
Eyelid is swollen Give Cold Massage
Finger is swollen Give Cold Massage


The basic overview panel for a squire.

Baltane contains six squires, which are apprentice knights still in training. Each squire has their own personality and stats. The mission stats of a squire are as follows.

  • DIV: Divine Power, increases success rate on missions dealing with Apostles.
  • STR: Strength, increases success rate when handling regular monsters.
  • INT: Intelligence, increases success rate when dealing with research and history.
  • DEX: Dexterity, increases success rate of dealing with artifacts and objects.
  • WILL: Will, increases mission success rate when Prophets are involved.
  • LUCK: Luck, charisma, increases success rate when dealing with other NPCs and life skills.

Stress increases as the squire runs missions and trains. A stress level above 50% causes a drop in mission success rate, and a squire above 80% stress may not follow orders. Stress can be reduced through counseling the squire or special interactions.

A squire's likability level is displayed to the right of their portrait. Once your likability with a squire reaches level 3, you have the option to attempt to recruit them into your squad if you have room. Likeability has a max level of 5 plus 99%, and goes down slightly when they train or through certain interactions with them or other squires. Likeability is normally raised through interactions with a squire, detailed below.


When in Avalon Gate, you can speak to the squires to interact with them in various ways.


Keywords to speak to the squires with.

When interacting with the squires, there's a number of basic topics to talk with them about and the squire will want to talk about one of them. You can talk to each squire about three topics each in-game day. The conversation counter resets every day at 6AM.

Speaking to a squire about the topic they want to talk about raises their likability experience, talking about a neutral topic has no effect other than using up one daily interaction, while speaking to them about a topic they currently dislike will slightly reduce their likability experience.

Some squires drop hints or plainly tell you the topic they wish to talk about, while others do not. The topics each squire likes and dislikes follow a set sequence of answers. Shuan will tell you one of the desired conversation topics for a selected squire for one day, in exchange for Basic Baltane Seals. The number of Basic Baltane Seals required depends on the likability level of the squire that you select.

There is a pattern to the topics the squires like, which is available here.


The training selection interface.
  • Squires, in your squad, can be commanded to undergo training in order to improve their stats.
    • Most training missions will improve stats, though some may reduce other stats slightly.
    • Training requires Training Points earned from completion of missions.
      • The training point pool is shared, missions completed by any squire reward training points that any other squire can use to train.
    • Training takes 1 day Erinn time (36 minutes in real time).
      • Squires under training cannot perform any other interactions.
    • Training must be completed manually in person by talking to the squire in Avalon Gate directly once the appropriate time has passed.
      • When training completes, they have a chance to gain extra stats on top of the normal training. Training their specialty stat and/or going out with them will increase this chance.
    • When training is started, the squire will lose a small amount of likability.


Counseling a squire involves listening to their worries and giving them a day off. The squire will have a large reduction in stress, and take a break for one in-game day. During this time they will not be available to run missions or train.

Go Out

Squires are not allowed to leave Avalon Gate freely, but as their commander you can escort them outside for a walk or a date. This will reduce their stress as well as increase their likability, and may also trigger special scenarios or interactions. You may only go out with one squire once a week (resets every Saturday at 7:00 A.M.).

Note that selecting this option lowers the likability of the other squires (the one that you didn't go out with) by a slight amount.


Removes a squire from your command so you have room to take on a different one. This lowers the likability level of that particular squire, but you may always try and recruit that squire again in the future if you choose.