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Memorial Link

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For the more powerful version of the skill, see Divine Link.


Memorial Link.png
A bonding skill, created by Blaanid, that links souls together. Linked souls can share each other's memories and experiences and can bring any dormant power within them to the very limit. Multiple stats of soul linked pets and casters increase, and the pet earns the same EXP than the caster earns through defeating enemies. Also, pets can distract enemies that have recognized the caster, granting the caster a large boost to their Defense and Protection. However, those effects are affected by the pet's stats, level, and Memorial Link rank. Since it acts with the same principles, it cannot be active at the same time as Divine Links.


  • This skill is a weaker version of Divine Link. It is only rewarded to characters who do not have the Divine Link skill.
    • Characters who have received Divine Link but did not complete the second Memory Book will not see the skill among the 'unlearned' skill tab.
  • Creates a divine link between the user and a summoned pet, enhancing both character's stats.
  • After loading the skill, the user must click their pet to complete the link.
  • The pet getting Knocked Unconscious will not cancel Divine Link.
  • Unsummoning the pet will cancel Divine Link.
  • If an obstacle exists between the owner and the pet for 10 seconds, Divine Link will be cancelled.
  • Mini Pets can be Divine Linked, but cannot take the enemy's aggro.
    • Although they cannot participate in combat, mini pets can obtain experience if the owner kills applicable monsters while Divine Linked.
  • Partners, despite being classified as pets, cannot be Divine Linked.
  • Capped at Rank F.


Rank N F
Required AP ?
Mana Use ?
Stamina Use ?
Radius (m) 15
Duration [sec] ? 120
Duration [min] ?
Load Time [sec] 2
Link Time [sec] 2
Cooldown Time [sec] 60
Stat CP ?

Obtaining the Skill

Training Method

Rank F

  • AP: 0
  • Effects: Soul Link
    Duration 120 sec
    Cooldown 60 sec
    Max Range 15m
Method Exp. Count Total
Use the skill. 100.00 1 100.00