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Dry Oven (Public)

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Dried furnace.JPG
Dry Oven (public)
  • A Dry Oven (public) is a production tool used in alchemy, in particular synthesis and metal conversion, to create items. See the Synthesis List for more details. The products created with a Dry Oven (public) may be used as equipment, materials for other skills and for other purposes.
    • Although fragmentation is not a production skill (it breaks down items to their component materials), this alchemy skill also requires the use of a Dry Oven (public). Fragmentation requires a player to use a Dry Oven (public) much in the same way the other two alchemy skills do.
  • It is also a public tool which means it has a fixed location, like most NPCs. A player must travel to a town in which a Dry Oven (public) is located if they wish to make use of it.
  • To start using a Dry Oven (public), just left-click on it.
  • Success rates for the alchemy skills associated with this tool are dependent on a player's Alchemy Mastery rank.
  • To use this tool, both hands must not have anything equipped.
  • Dry ovens can also be found in certain Shadow Missions (i.e. Defeat Shadow Wizard). These ovens feature a higher success rate than normal.

See Category:Public Tools or Public Tools List for more public tools and Category:Production Tools or Production Tools List for all production tools.


Production and Fragmentation Lists

See Metal Conversion List, Synthesis List and Fragmentation List for all the items that can be made using a Dry Oven (public).