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Elemental Remover

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Inventory icon of Elemental Remover

1 × 1
Stack: 5

A reagent with the ability to absorb and extinguish the elemental enchanted into an item. You can use this to remove an elemental effect from an inventory item.

Used In

General Use

  • Used to remove any type of elemental enchantment on a weapon or armor.
    • When used, "Rank B Physical was successfully enchanted!" is displayed.

Spirit Weapon

  • In order to create a Spirit Weapon, it is required that you have 5 Elemental Removers in your inventory, along with any other required items.
  • Used to create Spirit Liqueur.

Store Locations

Who Where Cost
Galvin Emain Macha 1,000g (for 1)
5,000g (for 5)
Price All Across Uladh
Lassar Tir Chonaill 1,000g

Note: Lassar only sells single elemental removers, so it may be more convenient to purchase them from Galvin (or Price if he's nearby) in stacks of five.

Drop Locations

What Where
Skeleton Hellhound Math Advanced
Small Troll Math Advanced
Red Kobold Archer Math Advanced
Venomous Sand Scorpion Connous (Scorpion Landmark)
Venomous Rock Scorpion Connous (Rupes Desert and Neres Plateau)
Spider Fighter Alby Advanced and Alby Advanced (Hardmode)
Grendel (White) Alby Advanced
Grendel (Brown) Alby Advanced
Alligator Courcle (Pantay Swamp)
Dark Rat Man Ciar Advanced
Red Sickle Laghodessa Ciar Advanced
Red Spike Laghodessa Ciar Advanced
Green Snake Ciar Advanced
Fishing Port Cobh