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Elephant (NPC)

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Portrait of Elephant
Race Elephant
Gender Unknown
Location Commerce
For the monster, see Elephant.
For similar monsters, see Mammoth.
For pet elephants, see Blue Elephant and White Elephant.


As if bored, it constantly shuffles and sways in place. It snorts with its long nose, each snort coming loudly. Now, it stares at you softly with two innocent eyes.

The Elephant is an NPC that stands near the Ogre Transport Helper in some towns. The Ogre provides a Pack Elephant for 350,000 Ducats which carries a lot of weight.

The elephant in Tir Chonaill is named Belrick while the one in Emain Macha is named Bobo. The one near Byrun is named Byrun's Best Friend.

The NPC itself serves no primary purpose, as it will make noises and then supposedly touches the player's cheeks with its trunk when spoken to.
It can communicate to players playing as their Pet.