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Portrait of Finola
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Magic Trader
Location Tara
Repair Magical Weapon Repairs, 93%


A little girl wearing red glasses with her short hair tied up on both sides. She looks even younger than her age.

The magic dealer of Tara. She gives a discount on wand repairs for those wearing "the Shadow Hero" title.


Magic Item Price
Phoenix Feather x 1 100g
Phoenix Feather x 10 1,000g
Wings of a Goddess x 1 1,000g
Wings of a Goddess x 5 5,000g
Blessed Magic Powder x 1 500g
Elite Magic Powder x 1 1,000g
Spirit Weapon Restoration Potion 49,110g
Magic Book Price
A Guidebook on Firebolt 4,980g
Icebolt Spell: Origin and Training 7,980g
Healing: The Basics of Magic 9,800g
Basics of Lightning Magic: the Lightning Bolt 7,980g
Magic Weapon Price
Lightning Wand 48,000g
Ice Wand 48,000g
Fire Wand 48,000g
Combat Wand 48,000g
Healing Wand 48,000g
Crystal Lightning Wand 57,000g
Crown Ice Wand 57,000g
Phoenix Fire Wand 57,000g
Tikka Wood Healing Wand 57,000g

Finola's Equipment


  • Every basic keyword triggers a generic response from her, something that no other NPC on whom you can use keywords has.