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A Guidebook on Firebolt

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A Guidebook on Firebolt[1]
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A magic book written by one called Tanwen. It is said to be a must-read for novice wizards who wish to use the Firebolt magic.

Obtain From Lassar, Stewart, Heulfryn, Hagel, Kirine, Berched, Finola, Fishing (Port Cobh)
Price 4,980
Tradability Untradable
Effects learn Firebolt
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Crafted Into
Conditions [[Image:Book toggler {{{conditions}}}.png|{{{conditions}}}|link=]]
Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- A Guidebook on Firebolt -

Written by Tanwen


Hello~ This is the first time we've met through the book. I have studied the principle of fire for many many years. Fire is a very important tool that has greatly advanced our civilization, allowing humans, unlike animals, to overcome the fear of darkness.
However, as you should already know, fire has a dangerous element to it as well. I don't know about you, but I've personally seen too many lives ruined because of fire, and it breaks my heart. It is because of this that I have decided to write a guide book so that I can properly educate people how to handle fire-based magic. I want to make sure they know the dangers surrounding the element of fire and use it properly.
So read this book very carefully, and practice this magic with great precautions.

-2 days before Baltane. Tanwen.

There seems to be those who use Firebolt on others; Don't play around with fire. It can be really dangerous.

The Principle of Fire

Long ago, the Ban clan, considered to be the ancestors of humans, discovered fire. Fire was used as a source of light, a device to cook food, and a form of protection to scare off wild animals. Furthermore, it was also used to refine metals and burn down obstacles. The clan's civilization advanced rapidly until the evil Fomors came along. During the war, there was a great fire that nearly burned down the entire civilization, taking many innocent lives in the process.
Imagine the number of lives that could have been saved if they were just educated about the power of fire.
So what exactly is the fire's principle? Fire destroys objects at a set temperature, and gives off heat as well as light. Everyone knows that the two essential things you need to start a fire is some firewood and a flint. Thus, there needs to be an object to burn and the heat that will burn it. As long as you have this combination, you will have fire.

However, there is a way to make fire using the power of Mana, which is found in Eweca. In this case, you don't need anything to burn nor the heat. This is because the world of magic transcends the law of nature, operating according to a set of different rules.
Now, we will discuss these different set of rules.

The Principle of Firebolt Magic

Palala, Erinn's sun that lights our world, also heats all of Erinn and its creatures. Using the power of Mana, you can draw this heat energy from all the creatures and creation into one place. This energy will then turn into a fireball and revolve around you. All fire-based magic originate like this.
Once you have gathered the energy, you can blast the fireball on command and instantly burn your opponent. This is the Firebolt magic. As long as you maintain concentration, the fire will not spread to unwanted areas.


Remember, the most important thing in using this skill is gathering the heat energy through Mana. It requires a high level of concentration to control and retain this flow of the energy. Now imagine how difficult it must be to do this while gathering more energy from Mana. Highly trained wizards have no problem controlling energy, but many beginners find this process too difficult and often quit. It's true what they say, 'practice makes perfect'.
Be patient grasshopper! Once you master controlling the flow of energy, you will be able to learn the Firebolt in no time. Now, let me show you how to use the Firebolt magic.

How to Use the Firebolt

Once you learn the Firebolt, press 'S'.
Your Skills window will open. Now, click on the 'Magic' tab.
There, select the Firebolt Magic. You will notice that your Mana level will drop and and an icon will appear above your head.
Once the icon grows steady, you will hear a sound signaling that Firebolt is ready to use. Simultaneously, heat energy around you will gather and form a fire ball, wrapping around you. Now, left-click on your desired target and the Firebolt will blast the selected object.
Keep in mind that you can charge the energy multiple times which increases the size and strength of the fireball.
Although it really depends on the user's ability, it is reported that you can charge up to about 5 times.

How to Train the Firebolt

This may sound obvious, but an important thing you need to train this skill is having a good handle on fire. You'll also need a high level of stamina and concentration.
If you lose concentration or get attacked while preparing the fireball, you will lose significant amount energy from the fireball. Because Firebolt is a pure form of fire that doesn't require objects to burn, it is much more difficult to control it. This is why having good stamina and concentration is important, so that you can protect yourself from enemy attacks while maintaining concentration.
Once you are able to successfully prepare the fireball, continue to practice it. You will need to master this in order to learn what I am about to cover in the next chapter: How to increase the attack rate.

How to Increase the Attack Rate

As I explained earlier, you can charge your fireball multiple times and increase its strength and size.
This is a very useful skill which gives you different degrees of attacks to choose from.
The benefit of this is that the same amount of Mana is used during each charge; however, the damage of the attack increases with each charge.


In other words, if your fireball attack produces a damage of 5, the second charge will give 6 damage, a total of 11 in damage. The third charge will give 7, then 8...and so on. Keep this in mind to efficiently select your attacks according to your situation and ability. This skill is not only limited to the Firebolt but can be used with any fire-based magic, so make sure to have enough Mana at all times.


Although the Firebolt magic is the easiest fire-based magic, don't underestimate its power. A well trained Firebolt can cause significant damage and instantly knock out opponents. Perhaps, this is the reason why all the great magicians speak highly of the Firebolt. Remember, it's all about the basics. Just don't blame me or the publisher of this book if you accidentally burn down your house.