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Icebolt Spell: Origin and Training

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Icebolt Spell: Origin and Training[1]
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The serious know-it-all wizard, Grandpa Leslie, wrote how to use the Icebolt magic in this book. It is rumored to be a difficult read.

Obtain From Lassar, Stewart, Berched, Heulfryn, Hagel, Kirine, Finola
Price 7,980
Tradability Untradable
Effects learn Icebolt
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
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Cold air slows down the blood circulation in the body, slowly numbing the senses. It, then, slowly numbs the entire body, causing you to fall asleep as you slowly die. This is the devastating power of cold. From a long time ago, generals and magicians sought ways to use the cold energy as magic in battle... A new attack magic was born out of the countless hours of research: Thus, this book is about Icebolt magic. Please refrain from experimenting with the magic if you do not yet know how the cold affects humans. May the protection of the goddess of Wisdom, Eladha, be with you.

Controlling Cold Energy Using Mana

Book icebolt1.jpg

There are fears that have been embedded in the very nature of humans for those who lived through the severe weather. However, human is the race that desires to reciprocate the pain they experience to their adversaries. The memory of the fierce cold made people hope to incorporate this cold in their battle, and finally they tried to study the method to lower the temperature owing to Mana. This is the first beginning to find the Icebolt.

Through persistent research, they figured out a way to freeze a specific region using the power of mana. Though a great feat in itself, it was not good enough. They weren't able to lower the temperature enough to make it a weapon, and it also consumed too much time. Moreover, to cover a large region, it required too much mana.

Many Druids and scholars attempted to break through this limitation, but each time, it was unsuccessful. Even if they were able to temporarily manufacture coldness, how would they make it only affect the enemy and not the user? There seemed to be too many obstacles. Furthermore, all the scholars agreed that it would be nearly impossible to drastically lower the temperature of a certain area in a short amount of time.

Even still, there were those who admired the power of cold energy and wanted to incorporate it into magic. They took a step back from their predecessors and focused more on effects of coldness rather than figuring out a way to simply control cold weather.

In other words, they studied indirectly using the effects of cold energy into a form of a magic weapon. This marked the stepping stone in the discovery of Icebolt magic.

Discovering Icebolt

Water is the source of Erinn's life and all of its creatures. For those seeking to learn the Icebolt magic: Remember that long exposures to below freezing temperatures will freeze over the oceans and rivers.

Wise Druids focused on this water...Of course, frozen water in itself is not useful. However, what if you can somehow throw the frozen ice to your enemies?

This would be more efficient compared to freezing over an entire region, and it will save a significant amount of mana because it simply gathers the humidity around you, freezing it into chunks of ice. This method is easily accessible anywhere, and it doesn't use a lot of mana. These slow evolutions and development led to the discovery of Icebolt magic.

Book icebolt2.jpg

So it was created; a magic that can form ice chunks and inflict damage to others. Although this method was far more advanced than the original idea of freezing an entire region, it was not without problems. First, compared to the amount of mana it used, it was not as powerful, and was slightly off the original intent of using coldness as a weapon. After all those years of research and development, the product was not impressive. If it wasn't for Maelona, who faithfully upheld the Great Druid, Uscias' wishes, Icebolt would have faded away, only passed down through written accounts. He discovered a way to form sharp ice chunks by controlling the mana's power. This discovery was applied to the existing Icebolt magic, creating ice chunks sharp enough to penetrate objects, throwing them at a fast speed.

And thus, the Icebolt magic, as we know it today, was created. Those who simply fancy the flashiness of magic and not its deeper truth might overlook this skill as a beginner's magic. However, Icebolt's attack not only hits the targeted opponent, but it also uses its cold energy to penetrate the opponent's body, inflicting tremendous damage comparable to the Esus blade.

Before we move on; why do you think I spent so much time explaining the origins of the Icebolt? May you contemplate deeply on these things so that you may discover the true essence of magic.

Using the Icebolt

Press 'S' to open the Skills window, and select the 'Magic' tab. Use the Icebolt magi, and your mana will decrease as an icon will appear above your head. When the magic is ready, the icon will stabilize along with a sound effect, and you will see the moisture around you freeze over and begin to circle around you.

From this state, click in the object you wish to attack. The ice chunks which were revolving around you will instantly fly toward your object, penetrating its body.

Another important trait about the Icebolt magic is that you can throw the ice chunks continuously. If you cast the magic while you've already done so, another chunk of ice will be formed and circle around you.

You can continue to add another chunk by concentrating. The maximum amount you can charge varies on thes user's magic level, but you can usually charge up to 5.

The Law of Decreased Mana

Magic such as the Icebolt has a special feature that allows you to charge multiple times. Curious magic scholars and Druids have observed this feature carefully, such as how well can the wizards control the magic, and how much mana is used during each charge.

What caught their attention is the total amount of mana used in the process. Theoretically, if one charge uses 10 mana, it should take 50 mana to charge the Icebolt 5 times. However, surprisingly, the actual amount was far below 50.

They discovered that the use of mana went down with each charge, from 10 to 9, 8, 7, and so on. They concluded that the pre-charged magic affected the subsequent charges, needing less mana to charge. This pattern was soon discovered in other magic as well, and this Law of Decreased Mana became a key element in understanding the principle of mana.

Praise to the passion of those who have sacrificed their lives in this discovery!

How to Train the Icebolt

Book icebolt3.jpg

Many who train the Icebolt attack, are only interested in how fast they can throw the ice.

You must be careful not to fall into this trap and miss the true essence of this magic.

As I mentioned earlier, the power of the Icebolt is not in its speed but in the consecutive attacks. The more you are able to control, you will have no problem increasing your Icebolt's power. Don't get blinded by superficial results, missing the real training on the way. The Icebolt may seem like a beginner's magic; however, it possesses great power that even high level wizards continue to train it.


Most magic, when you are charging, leave you in a vulnerable state. The Icebolt is no exception so make sure you are in a safe place, or charge up when your enemy is not expecting you.

Maintaining the right temperature is especially important for the Icebolt magi. If your concentration is broken due to an enemy's attack, your charged ice will all melt away while you regain your composure. Therefore, you must be able to protect yourself from enemy attacks in order to effectively use the Icebolt attack.

But, remember; a reckless use of magic to kill goes against the wizard's code of ethics and will lead you to the same path of the evil wizard Jabchiel, who brought chaos and turmoil into this world. He once was a student like you; training the Icebolt magic.