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Furnace (Public)

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You may be looking for the in-house tool Furnace (in-house)
You may be looking for the public tool Old Furnace (Public)
You may be looking for the homestead tool Furnace (Homestead)


Furnace Public Active.png Furnace Public Inactive.png
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  • Furnaces are production tools used to refine ores into metal ingots and plates, which are used as materials in blacksmithing, tailoring and handicraft.
  • They are also public tools with fixed locations, like most NPCs.
  • To start using a furnace talk to Sion in Bangor and he will charge a price depending on how long a player wishes to use it.
    • For 1 minute Sion charges 100 g and for 5 minutes he charges 450 g.
  • After activating the furnaces, a player can start refining by clicking on one.
    • A player must not have anything equipped in their right hand.
  • A player must use the Refining Skill in order to use a furnace.
  • Any player can use them once they are activated.
  • The refining success rate is dependent on a player's refining rank and dexterity.

See Category:Refining Tools for more refining tools, Category:Public Tools or Public Tools List for more public tools and Category:Production Tools or Production Tools List for all production tools.


Bangor is the only town which has regular Furnaces. There are also Old Furnaces in Vales which can also be used for refining. These Old Furnaces have a success rate penalty.

Production List

See the Refining List for all the items that can be made using a Furnace (public).