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Giant Sandworm Raid

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Giant Sandworm's spawn location, in Muyu Desert

Basic Information

  • The Giant Sandworm spawns at Central Muyu Desert in Rano.
  • Upon entering the Raid Zone:
    • When your framerate drops below 20 FPS, you will be asked about minimizing performance settings automatically.
    • Pets and partners will be desummoned and will not be allowed out during the battle.
    • You will be given the Field Quest and one of the Sub Quests below.

Spawn Times

  • The Giant Sandworm spawns anytime within the times below.
    • 10:00am PDT100 ~ 10:30am PDT100
    • 11:00pm PDT100 ~ 11:30pm PDT100


  • Contribution is the points system used in the Iria Raid.
  • As you complete the objectives in the Side Quest, you accumulate Contribution.
    • The maximum accumulated points in this raid is 4,500.
  • Contribution is used to determine the amount of Experience and Gold and quality of item received after a boss is killed.
    • Experience = Contribution * 12
    • Gold = Contribution * 2
    • The Maximum amount of Contribution used in calculating experience and gold is 4500, thus 67,500 EXP and 9,000 Gold can be earned during this raid.
  • A ranking list is displayed after the boss is defeated. Ranks are ordered by the amount of Contribution obtained.
    • If multiple participants tie, the first player to reach the tie mark would be ranked 1.

Field Quest

Field Quest.png
  • The Field Quest received from an Iria Raid Field Zone will appear under the "Field" tab.
  • This is the main objective of the raid.
Defeat a Giant Sandworm.
How to Get Quest

Enter the Giant Sandworm Raid Zone.

Briefing I just heard a Giant Sandworm showed up in the surrounding area. It's a very fierce and frightening monster that often attacks passing travelers. Please defeat it as soon as possible, so no one will get hurt. And hurry, because it might run away if you wait too long.
Rewards See below.

Sub Field Quest

Sub Field Quest.png
  • Quests received from an Iria Raid Field Zone will appear under the "Field" tab.

Sandworm Hunter's Role

How to Get Quest

Enter the Giant Sandworm Raid Zone.

Briefing Sandworm Hunters divide up prizes based on each Hunter's skill. These professional hunters follow their old tradition and give a bigger share of the prizes to the person who approached and defeated a Giant Sandworm directly, to show their respect for that person's courage.
  • Attack a Giant Sandworm (Damage*0.2) [0/4000]
  • Attack a Giant Sandworm with Smash (25 per hit) [0/500]
Rewards You can accumulate Contributions whenever you fill your role.

You will receive the following rewards based on the sum of your Contributions.

- Gold
- Item

Additional Information

The quest disappears automatically upon the completion of the [Sandworm Hunter's Role] open quest.


  • Items may not come with enchants.

Fixed Rewards



Life Tools






Blacksmithing Manuals

Sewing Patterns