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Category:Field Raid

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For field bosses, see Field Boss.


The Field Raid is a quest and an event when one or more monsters, far too powerful for one player to contend with, arrive at certain remote locations. These monsters reside on the Continent of Iria and on the Island of Belvast. They appear and disappear unexpectedly, so be prepared.


Occasionally the player may witness the Announcement, ahead of a Field Raid Monster's arrival, which tells the time and at which channel the raid will happen. In case the announcement was missed, the player may refer to the Traveler's Guide Menu and to the Message Log to see any new or previous Field Raids.

The Announcments as seen on the Message Log.
  • Channels: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 are designated for the Field Raid.
  • Announcements will appear in all channels.
  • The Field Raid announcements can be blocked from the Message log or chat.
  • The player can still use the Black Dragon Summon Scroll and White Dragon Summon Scroll regardless of the channel.
    • Announcements do not appear for Raids started through a summon scroll.

If the player would choose to participate in a Raid they can rally a party and prepare for the battle ahead. They can choose to travel to the monster's location either through the use of the Continent Warp to either Iria or Belvast, the Mana Tunnels in Iria, or the Moon Gates to Belvast. However, there is a faster way of getting there...

The Messengers

Conveniently, in most towns and cities in Uladh, the Town Messenger is there to help guide and whisk away the player to directly to where Raid takes place. Depending on the monster the player may meet the Dragon Messenger who sells items to aide in battle. After the Raid be sure to return to the Town Messenger.

  • The Town Messenger may not appear to players who have not completed Chapter 5: The Saga Iria II or Generation 3 mainstream quests and are not at least 1,000 level total.

The Quest Zone

The Quest Zone is a designated amount of space for the Field Raid quest overall, the Field Raid Monster and all the participants to move around in.

The player's current Field Raid status shows on the top-right of the screen. It appears while inside the Quest Zone.
  • The Quest Zone will open and announcements will take place 3 minutes before the start of a Raid.
  • The Quest Zone is a temporary space available only during the Field Raid.

The Role of the Player

Upon entering the player will receive one or a few other tasks specific to the Raid monster. Further details of the quest can be access to by opening the Quest menu and going to the Field tab.

A Role is one of these tasks which is a set of specific Field Raid quests. Depending on the player's role performing these tasks accordingly will grant the player some reward befitting their efforts.

The Role Select Menu appears while inside the Quest Zone.
  • A Role of the player varies for each Field Raid Monster.
  • Only one can be selected.
  • The tasks and objectives of that Field Raid Quest doesn't have to be fully completed.
  • The player doesn't have to select a role.


Inside the Quest Zone there are some limitations, the player's pet may suddenly become unsummoned and are forbidden to summon anymore pets or partners. Be prepared before entering for certain other features are unusable as well. All players inside the Quest Zone may also experience the Field Raid Monster's effects.

  • All participants of the Field Raid should not remain idle or suffer any of monster's attacks and certain other effects.
  • Be aware of using certain skills and techniques to avoid failing some Field Raid Quests.
  • While idle, performing certain actions, or using certain skills, a few Field Raid Monster effects may not affect the player.

Gameplay Performance

Be aware, experiences may vary inside the Quest Zone. As more players arrive and when the Field Raid monster finally appears the gampeplay performance may shift and some settings might affect the overall experience of the battle.

  • A message prompt will appear to tell the player of their visual performance and the visual settings maybe adjusted to allow for the best gameplay performance.
  • The framerate may drop.
  • Some significant lag may occur.


Although its scope is vast, the Quest Zone is not unlimited and the player may choose to leave its vicinity, like those who unexpectedly enter it. The player may sometimes happen upon a Field Raid while traveling on a trade route, especially in Iria. It is best to avoid Raids while trading.

  • The player can use a Wing of a Goddess, Moon Gate or Mana Tunnel to leave.
  • As long as the player is not targeted by any monster or has not engaged battle for awhile they can leave the Raid.

Contribution and Rewards

Once the Field Raid is successfully completed and the monsters have all been defeated the player is rewarded through their Contribution. The player will receive points for their contribution as well as by meeting the requirements of the Field Raid Quests particular to that Raid.

The player's Contribution points will appear on the Quest menu under the Field tab.

The quests vary from defeating the Field Raid Monster itself to healing other players, and each quest give different amounts of Field Raid Memento. The Memento is a form of currency earned from the amount of the player's contribution and the defeated Field Raid Monster. The Field Raid Memento can be exchanged with the Town Messenger.

  • Contribution cannot be acquired before the monster appears.
  • More points are gained by following the Role's Field Quest objective.
    • If the player did not select a Role, the points added only apply to the goal of defeating the Raid monster. No additional points are gained.
  • Dying in the Field Raid will impact the points negatively.
  • If your Contribution is below a certain level, you will not be able to obtain major rewards, including new Field Raid Mementos.
  • The amount of gold you can receive from a successful Raid increases according to the Contribution obtained, up to a maximum of 50,000 gold.
  • Note: If the monster somehow gets stuck outside the Quest Zone or obstructed enough, or if the Raid has extended beyond its time limit, a glitch may occur in which the monster will not disappear at all. The monster will become immune to damage while all of its effects are still active. All of the player's Contribution points will also remain. However, if the player were to log off or change channels their points will be reset and the monster will disappear.

Field Raid Boss Monster Quantity of Mementos Obtained by Contribution Level
~4,999 Contribuition 5,000 ~ 49,999 Contribution 50,000~ Contribuition
Giant Lion, Giant Alligator, Giant Sandworm 0 2 to 99 100~
Ifrit, Yeti, Mammoth 0 1 to 30
Prairie Dragon, Red Dragon, Desert Dragon 0 5 to 199 200~
White Dragon, Black Dragon 0 10 to 249 250~
Sylvan Dragon, Mokkurkalfi 0 6 to 299 300~

The Monsters

Field raid b.png

The Field Raid Monster or the Raid Boss, is the entity that must be defeated to complete particular Field Raid Quests. During battle other monsters may also appear must also be defeated to complete with other Quests.

These Yggdrasil Wisps are part of secondary Field Raid Quests.
  • The first 15 monsters are summoned, and 7 additional monsters are summoned every minute if less than 15 normal monsters are currently summoned.
  • Not all Raids have any additional monsters.
  • In some locations monsters and NPCs, not part of the Field Raid, will still spawn regardless.

Each monster have their own unique methods of operation for defeating them and some must be defeated a specific manner or the overall quest will fail. Certain techniques, actions and skills should be changed beforehand and must not be used while in the Raid to prevent this.

Monster Effects

While engaged in battle, the Field Raid Monster will not only be targeting the player with their own skills but will be subject to certain buffs, be immuned to specific skills, or cause the player to suffer various other effects. Take notice of some of them and avoid the rest.

  • Most Monster Effects appear as a message on the center of the screen.
  • The effects can happen at the same time the monster is performing another skill or while moving around.
  • Certain Monster Effects are not active when the player is alone.
  • The Field Raid Monster must be in range and close enough to the player for their Effect to work properly.
  • Some Effects can be negated especially when the player has just been knocked-back away or while the player is still mid-air after being hit.

Effect Characteristic
Focus Buff
  • The Field Raid monster's health and injuries are restored, and skill damage is increased.
  • As the number of players participating in the Field Raid and the duration of the Raid increases, the recovery power of the Field Raid monster decreases.
  • As the number of players participating in the Field Raid increases, the skill damage increase rate of the Field Raid monster decreases.
  • Characters are excluded if inactive, using Hide, Crisis Escape, Flight, or Playing Dead.
  • Used by all Field Raid monsters
  • Deals damage and knocks back player targets at close range of the Field Raid monster, and reduces their movement speed for a short time.
  • Used by all Field Raid monsters except Giant Lion and Giant Alligator
Life Ender
  • Summons an area where you will die immediately if you are within the range of the effect.
  • It can appear a certain distance away from the Field Raid monster, where player targets are located.
  • Used by all Field Raid monsters except Giant Alligator
Dissolving Moonlight
  • If you do not block the action of the Dragon within a set time, it will inflict heavy damage to the surrounding area.
  • Used by Prairie Dragon, Desert Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon, and Black Dragon
Impending Death
  • When the Field Raid monster's HP decreases by more than a certain amount, Impending Death is applied to a random player target.
  • When Impending Death is applied, the target's HP continues to decrease after a certain period of time.
  • If the target dies, Impending Death is applied to two additional random targets.
  • While the effect is applied, you cannot receive the Glyphwright effect that restores life, and you cannot use recovery items.
  • Used by Giant Alligator, White Dragon, Black Dragon, Mokkurkalfi, and Sylvan Dragon
Vast Might
  • The Defense, Protection, Magic Defense, and Magic Protection per summoned normal monster within range of the boss is increased according to the number of summoned monsters.
  • Used by White Dragon, Black Dragon, Mokkurkalfi, and Sylvan Dragon

Spawn Time Information

Field Raid monsters appear at a fixed time, not randomly during a specific time range. The Field Raid will start at certain times on certain days.

Inside the Traveler's Guide Menu any current and upcoming Raids will be listed.
  • Appears on the hour (White Dragon, Black Dragon)
  • Appears at 15 minutes of the hour (Red Dragon, Prairie Dragon, Desert Dragon)
  • Appears at 30 minutes of the hour (Mokkurkalfi, Sylvan Dragon)
  • Appears at 35 minutes of the hour (Ifrit, Mammoth, Yeti)
  • Appears at 45 minutes of the hour (Giant Lion, Giant Alligator, Giant Sandworm)
  • Raids do not spawn from 2:15am PST100 to 10:00am PST100.
Iria Field Raid
Monster 1st Spawn Time 2nd Spawn Time
Giant Sandworm 10:00am PST100 - 10:00am PST100 11:00pm PST100 - 11:30pm PST100
Desert Dragon 10:30am PST100 - 11:00am PST100 5:00pm PST100 - 5:30pm PST100
Black Dragon 11:00am PST100 - 11:15am PST100 7:00pm PST100 - 7:15pm PST100
White Dragon 11:30am PST100 - 11:45am PST100 7:30pm PST100 - 7:45pm PST100
Ifrit 12:00pm PST100 - 12:30pm PST100 (Above Ground) 1:00pm PST100 - 1:30pm PST100 (Underground)
Mammoth 12:00pm PST100 - 12:30pm PST100 4:00pm PST100 - 4:30pm PST100
Yeti 1:30pm PST100 - 2:00pm PST100 5:30pm PST100 - 6:00pm PST100
Giant Lion 2:00pm PST100 - 2:30pm PST100 8:00pm PST100 - 8:30pm PST100
Giant Alligator 3:00pm PST100 - 3:30pm PST100 6:00pm PST100 - 6:30pm PST100
Prairie Dragon 3:00pm PST100 - 3:30pm PST100 7:00pm PST100 - 7:30pm PST100
Red Dragon 4:00pm PST100 - 4:30pm PST100 9:00pm PST100 - 9:30pm PST100
Avalon Field Raid
Mokkurkalfi Sylvan Dragon
Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend
10:00am PST100 ~ 12:00pm PST100 10:00am PST100 ~ 11:00am PST100 12:00pm PST100 ~ 2:00pm PST100 11:00am PST100 ~ 12:00pm PST100
... 12:00pm PST100 ~ 1:00pm PST100 ... 1:00pm PST100 ~ 2:00pm PST100
2:00pm PST100 ~ 4:00pm PST100 2:00pm PST100 ~ 3:00pm PST100 ... 3:00pm PST100 ~ 4:00pm PST100
... 4:00pm PST100 ~ 5:00pm PST100 4:00pm PST100 ~ 6:00pm PST100 5:00pm PST100 ~ 6:00pm PST100
6:00pm PST100 ~ 7:00pm PST100 6:00pm PST100 ~ 7:00pm PST100 7:00pm PST100 ~ 8:00pm PST100 7:00pm PST100 ~ 8:00pm PST100
8:00pm PST100 ~ 9:00pm PST100 8:00pm PST100 ~ 9:00pm PST100 9:00pm PST100 ~ 10:00pm PST100 9:00pm PST100 ~ 10:00pm PST100
10:00pm PST100 ~ 11:00pm PST100 10:00pm PST100 ~ 11:00pm PST100 11:00pm PST100 ~ 12:00am PST100 11:00pm PST100 ~ 12:00am PST100


  • Prior the Quality of Life and Raids Improvments Patch, September 22, 2022 most Raids, now referred to as Field Raids, did not have Monster Effects and Field Raid Mementos.
  • Occasionally Field Raid Monsters are delayed in appearing and disappearing.
  • Sometimes Raid monsters may move far enough to end up outside of the Quest Zone.
  • While engaged in Commerce trade the Alpaca pet does not become unsummoned even while a Field Raid happens to occur or the player enters one by accident. They are consider as a mode of transportation, like the Camel or Pack Elephant.
  • Players can enter a Raid logged in as their Pets.
  • The Town Messenger can still be seen by players before the patch without starting or even completing The Saga: Iria II (?)