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Golden Apple

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For the Generation 12 Shadow Mission, see Golden Apple (Shadow Mission).
For the Treasure of Falias, see Golden Apple (Treasure of Falias).

A golden apple. You thought it was only a thing of legends but it's right here before your very eyes...

Inventory icon of Golden Apple

1 × 1


Name Golden Apple
NPC Resale Value Method Edible Hunger Restored Cooking EXP
562 G Gathering, Fishing Yes 20  ?
Purchase Location
No known purchase locations.
Other Locations
Physical Change
Weight - Upper -1 Lower -1
Gradual Stat Change HP MP SP Str Dex Int Will Luck Def Prot
+2  ?  ? +1 -1 -1  ?  ?  ?  ?

General Information

  • Unlike a regular Apple or Golden Egg, Golden Apples serve no use other than to be eaten.

Methods to Obtain



  • While hitting an apple tree, there is a rare chance a Golden Apple will drop. Apple trees are located in (this is not a complete list);
    • Tir Chonaill
      • East Plains of Tir Chonaill (at the point of the mountain on the map near Ciar Dungeon)
    • Dunbarton
    • Emain Macha
      • West of Emain Macha (follow the path towards the little island)
      • South of Paladin Training Area (Near a Torch Post)
      • East of Emain Macha (by the bridge to the Moon Gate, and also a bit north of the east gate)
    • Homestead
      • Level 4 homestead required to build apple trees.