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Forest of Souls

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Basic Information

The Forest of Souls is a small wood west of Tir Chonaill. The area is where Human Milletians from Erinn's Soul Stream first arrive in Uladh before immediately entering Tir Chonaill. Tin manages the Forest.

Since the Lorna and Pan Fresh Start Update players do not start in this specific part of the forest, but rather a different location specific to the Beginner Tutorial Quests. This part of the Forest can only be accessed by players when rebirthing and selecting Tir Chonaill as their rebirth location; in Tir Chonaill players are prevented from returning to the Forest as the path is not accessible. Tin offers the player a random Fixed Color Dye Ampoule upon rebirthing to a Hero Talent.

Chicks, Hens, Roosters, and Young Raccoons roam the area. A small path near the animals leads to an area containing Light Gargoyles, but this can only be accessed by players who have rebirthed into the forest.

One Apple Tree can be found halfway down the road from Tin, as well as two additional Apple Trees in the area with the Light Gargoyles.

Exiting the Forest of Souls will play an introductory cutscene for Tir Chonaill, and place the player next to Duncan.


A map of Forest of Souls

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Tutorial Helper Birth/Rebirth Point


The old mini-map containing a dungeon
  • The Forest of Souls was also known as the Elemental Forest.
  • The geography for the mountain that the Forest of Souls rests on does not appear to characters that are in Tir Chonaill.
  • In oversea servers, the Forest of Souls formerly had a dungeon.
  • Newly created Humans used to start in the Forests of Souls. Newly created Humans now start directly inside Tir Chonaill.
  • One of the signs in the area is an advertisement by Nora for Tir's Inn, though even her sign questions how she was able to find her way into the Forest of Souls.
  • "Devnoza" is responsible for planting the Apple Tree near Tin. This is likely a Developer comment.