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Forest of Souls

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Basic Information

The Forest of Souls is a small wood west of Tir Chonaill. The area is where Human Milletians from Erinn's Soul Stream come to be if he or she is reborn in Uladh. Tin manages the forest.

The forest can only be accessed by players when rebirthing with Tir Chonaill set as the rebirth location; in Tir Chonaill, a closed off gate west of the church prevents the player from returning to the forest. Tin offers the player a random Fixed Color Dye Ampoule upon rebirthing to a Hero Talent.

Chicks, Hens, Roosters, and Young Raccoons roam the area. A path leads to a separate area containing Light Gargoyles, but can only be accessed by players who have rebirthed into the forest.


A map of Forest of Souls

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Tutorial Helper Birth/Rebirth Point


The old mini-map containing a dungeon
  • The Forest of Souls was also known as the Elemental Forest.
  • In oversea servers, the Forest of Souls formerly had a dungeon.
  • Newly created Humans used to start in the Forests of Souls. Newly created Humans now start directly inside Tir Chonaill.