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Portrait of Karpfen
Race Giant
Gender Female
Occupation Military Leader
Location Taillteann
(Front of Giant Headquarters)
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 95%


You can almost feel the chills of her native snow fields emanating from the crimson tattoo around her eyes and the confident bellow of her voice.

Karpfen Seebarsch is Krug's sister and is the leader of the Giant Expeditionary Force. Kirine disliked Karpfen and sent her to Taillteann to assist Humans and explore the Shadow Realm.

Lileas mentions that Karpfen starred in her Honey Drink commercials. However, her brother forbade her from starring as it was supposedly humiliating her family.

If the Dan Windmill title is equipped, she will give provide a 10% discount on repairs.

Music Track Title: The Life which is Noble

Karpfen's Equipment


  • "Karpfen" is German for "Carp" and "Seebarsch" is German for "Bass". Thus, her name in German means "Carp Bass"