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Portrait of Lennox
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Elder Royal Alchemist
Location Rath Royal Castle - First Floor
(First room to the right)
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The top alchemist in the entire Aliech Kingdom glances at you with a curious expression. The thin wrinkles around his forehead make him seem wise and experienced.

Lennox is a member of the Royal Alchemists and is Leymore's father. He appears in Tara Rath Royal Castle's first floor during Generation 12.


Mainstream Story


  • Lennox is the inventor of the Tower Cylinder, and states they were only used for peaceful applications. Ironically, Tower Cylinders are only used for combat purposes.
  • Lennox can be seen in a Hide-like state inside his room.
  • After completing All Out Attack!, Lennox's room is locked forever.