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For the Homestead decoration, see Eweca (Homestead).
For the Skill, see Shine of Eweca.

Description and Geography

Eweca is the name of the small, red moon in Erinn's sky (the large, blue one being Ladeca). It is the source of Mana and its appearance in the night sky will triple the recovery rate of Mana (from 0.05 to 0.15 per second). The arrival and departure of Eweca is announced in-game at 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

The blue halo surrounding Eweca comes from it being the source of Mana, which is naturally blue.

Blessing of Eweca

Players obtain the blessing of Eweca at Current Level 50 in the form of the passive skill, Shine of Eweca. The Shine of Eweca gradually increases a player's core Stats, and increases the hard cap they experience on Stats. The effect of this blessing increases with a player's Current Level and Cumulative Level, up to 200 and 40,000 respectively.


Ganymede (edited) and Eweca
  • The Official 2004 Guidebook mentions of Eweca's stain on the north pole being 'reminiscent of an eyeball'.[1]
  • Eweca uses an image of the real-world moon Ganymede, which is a satellite of Jupiter.
  • Ladeca and Eweca share an identity crisis, with each moon sometimes being mistaken for the other.
    • Ladeca and Eweca originally were described with each other's colors in the official Korean 2004 Mabinogi Official Guidebook.
    • Eweca in the System Menu for Stardust uses a red-colored graphic of Ladeca instead of the graphic for Eweca.
    • Eweca in the official artwork for Crom Bás uses a red-colored graphic of Ladeca instead of the graphic for Eweca.
    • Eweca Blue is a named Color that Characters can use for their hair and Glyphs. This is despite Eweca being red.
    • Enn, who is thematically blue, is described as shimmering "faintly like the light of Eweca reflected in a dew drop" despite Eweca being mostly red.
      • Note that it is possible that this description is referring to the halo of Mana surrounding Eweca, which is blue.
      • This issue similarly affected the Eweca Orb Gachapons.
  • The real-world Moon orbiting Earth appears red similar to Eweca on occasion.
    • It can turn red during a lunar eclipse, where the Earth blocks the Sun's rays and as such only illuminates the lunar surface with refracted red light.
    • It can also turn red due to atmospheric particles (i.e. pollution or smoke) blocking certain wavelengths of light; when the moon is close to the horizon its light will travel through more atmospheric particles than if it is overhead, producing a similar effect.

Themed Gear



  1. The guide itself switched Ladeca and Eweca, although Ladeca does not have the same 'eye-like' appearance than Eweca ended up having.