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Personal Shop

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Mabinogi Personal Shop Artwork.jpg

Basic Information

  • A Personal Shop or a Player Shop is a shop that players set up to sell their items to other players for profit.

Opening a Shop

An example of a Personal Shop with brownie, and inside display.
  • First, buy an Item Shop Bag of any size from a General Store. Keep in mind that the size of the bag determines the size of your shop.
    • Item Shop Bags with larger sizes occasionally can be obtained through various Events.

Merchant Licenses

  • You must then go to the Bank and buy a Merchant License. Different towns and cities have their own licenses in a regular and VIP variant.
    • You can only earn up to the maximum amount of gold that is listed on your license.
  • The money you earn will be inscribed to your Merchant License. To redeem the cash, simply drop the license onto the bank as if you were depositing a Check.
    • Licenses have taxes on them.
      • The 1% 'Sales Fee' is a percentage taken off of your profits immediately when your item is sold.
      • The 1% 'Exchange Fee' is a percentage taken off of your license's profits when you redeem the gold on it at a bank.
    • You can actually lose money by having a shop if you sell items that aren't worth the cost of the license.
      • If you do not sell any items, you may reuse the license until some profit is attached to it with no limitation.
    • For more information, including which locations are valid for Personal Shops, see Merchant License.
  • Now, take the license out to where you'd like to set up the shop.
    • Right-click the license and use it to open the shop. A new window will open up to set the title and description for your shop.
      • The title will be visible above your shop's mat, and the description will be visible when a customer views your shop's contents.
    • Personal Shop titles are considered to be Party Names, and will be hidden with the hotkey "Ctrl+P" similarly.
    • You may not create a shop on the designated area if another Personal Shop is already set up nearby.

Setting up Items to be Sold

  • You may only sell items that are in the Item Shop Bags attached to the shop.
    • A Personal Shop requires one item on sale in order to be opened.
    • Items may be moved in, out, and around the bag after the Personal Shop has been opened.
    • Note that once you set a price for an item it cannot be moved until you take off the price.
  • Right-click an item in your bag to set a price for it.
    • Keep in mind that if you place a stacked set of items up for sale, the price is for the entire stack.
      • If you want to sell these items individually, divide them from the stack into separate squares of your bag.
  • Items in the bag that have not had a sale price set will not be visible to your customers.
  • Once an item is sold, a message will appear on your screen, telling you what item and who bought it.

Watching Over the Shop

  • Personal Shops require either the Player, their Pets, their Partners, or a hired Brownie to remain near the shop or else it will close.
    • Regardless of who watches the Personal Shop, the Player must remain in-game and cannot change channels.

The Player

  • If you step away from your shop, it will close automatically. You must physically stay by your shop.

Pets and Partners

  • The player may set a Pet or Partner to watch the shop. This way, the player can leave their shop's area.
    • To have a Pet/Partner watch the shop, right-click the summoned Pet/Partner and select "Protect the Personal Shop".
      • Clicking "Cancel Summon" will have it stop watching the shop.
    • Be aware that Gathering while a Partner is managing a Personal Shop will cause it to forcibly close.
  • While the Pet/Partner is watching the shop, their summon time will not decrease.
  • You may not summon any additional Pets/Partners if you have one watching a shop.
  • You cannot open the Pet's/Partner's inventory.


  • Players can also choose to hire a Personal Shop Brownie to watch the shop.
  • Each Personal Shop Brownie Work-for-Hire Contract is valid for 24 hours real-time and can be bought at any Bank (except Residential Areas) for 3,250 Gold.
    • The License is reusable until it expires.

Opening a Kiosk

  • First, buy a Kiosk from a General Store. Unlike Item Shop Bags, Kiosks are only available in 5x10 size.
  • Once you have a Kiosk you must find a spot along the northern or southern walls of Dunbarton (Kiosk for Dunbarton must be bought in Dunbarton) or along the wall next to the boarding ship in Belvast (Kiosk for Belvast must be bought in Belvast) to install it.
  • Once installed, place the items you wish to sell into the Kiosk. Upon placing items it will ask for the price for which you wish to sell them.
  • You may close the Kiosk when all the items in it have been taken out or sold.
    • If you disconnect while having Kiosk open you can click "Tidy Up Kiosk" to retrieve the items that were in it.
  • Like Item Shop Bags, you can reuse Kiosks as many times as you please.


  • An expired Beginner's Thoroughbred from between Generation 13 and Generation 16 can still tend a Personal Shop.
  • Some Merchant Licenses did not allow customers to pay directly from their bank accounts. As such, players were unlikely to sell items priced over 50,000 Gold when using these licenses.
    • Despite all Licenses now supporting this feature, all License descriptions erroneously claim they do not.