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Inventory icon of Quiver

1 × 3
Stack: 1,000

A quiver that holds up to 1,000 regular arrows. Hold the SHIFT key and click it to to take out some of the arrows. (Not tradable)

  • They are able to be refilled by using normal Arrows or another Quiver.
  • When attempting to shoot fire arrows, the graphical effect of a burning arrow tip will not be shown, however, the damage will still be increased.
  • When empty, It will still appear to have arrows inside the quiver and characters will still have an arrow in hand, but be unable to shoot.


Only Elven characters may buy and use this item.
Cannot be traded or stored on pets.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Meles Filia 760g
Elf Supply Guard Taillteann
Remote Weapon Shop Coupon Used by an Elf
Kayna Port Cobh
Royal Weaponsmith Tara

Pet Commands

Using the fetch and sweep on an appropriate pet will not obtain a Quiver, however, if a player has a Quiver in their inventory and an arrow is obtained via the fetch or sweep command then the pop-up incorrectly says that you have "obtained a quiver."