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Remote Weapon Shop Ticket

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Remote Weapon Shop Ticket.png Remote Weapon Shop Ticket Dropped.png
1 x 1 Dropped

This convenient ticket remotely connects you to a weapon shop from a distance; the type of a weapon shop varies depending on your race. You cannot move while using a weapon shop, and this item disappears once you close the shop window.

Methods to Obtain

  • Can be obtained as an Advanced Play daily item.
  • Can be bought from the Item Shop.
    • Sold for 200 NX for 1, and 800 NX for 5 (save 200 NX [20%]).

Used In

  • Opening up a Weapons Shop depending on your race.
    • All items will be the same color as in the store that correspond with the user's race with the exception of the elves' weapon tab.


This is basically Nerys' weapon shop. Nothing is different between the two shops.


This is basically Meles' Weapon Shop. This shop's weapon tab will show items of different colors than Meles' shop and is located at the last shop tab rather than the first.


This is basically Taunes' weapon shop without the blacksmithing blueprints.