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RM Unicorn

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For the monster, see Unicorn (Monster).

Basic Information

UNI1.gif Life 92 Str 31 UNI2.gif
Mana 36 Int 29
Stam 72 Dex 28
Base Dmg 22~41 Will 29
Wound % 1% - 5% Luck 16
Critical 23.1% Defense 5
Balance 53% Protection 2
Summon Time 90 Min Exp % Speed Rating
Bag Size 20 (4x5) Enemy None Cost Quest only
Attack Speed Hits
Special Ability

Can carry up to two riders.


  • This pet is the 10th and final reward from the Return Incentive: Ten Missions of the Returned Milletian quest. See Return Incentive.
  • This pet can be dyed using Pet Dye Ampoules. The following parts can be dyed: Hair, mane, and antler (horn).

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