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Tara Donation Box

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The donation box and offering board.

Basic Information

The Tara Donation Box is a method used to distribute gold to the needy and poor while rewarding donators with various items. It is located inside the Pontiff's Court at Tara. Some NPCs, such as Eluned or Lezzaro, donate money as well. Donations cannot be withdrawn.

Donating a random amount of Gold may trigger the "Reward for a Good Deed" quest, where Corentin will provide the donor with a random item. Contributing on Samhain (Saturday) will enter the player into a drawing. (The latter needs confirmation.)

Each week on Imbolic (Sunday) at

12:00am PDT

the five players with the highest donations will have their name listed on the Offering Board as well as receive the "Philanthropist" quest and Journal entry. During the quest, Corentin will give the player a special reward that is dependant on their placement in the top five.

Related Quests

How to Get Quest

Be one of the top 5 weekly contributors

Briefing Thank you for your participation in charitable works. After reviewing the past year, we have prepared a gift for those who have continued to donate all throughout the year. Please visit the Pontiff's Court as soon as you can.

Talk to Corentin.

  • 35,000 Experience Points
Reward for a Good Deed
How to Get Quest

Donate a random amount of gold to the Tara Donation Box

Briefing Thank you for helping the poor. We have something we would like to give you, so please come to the Pontiff's Court when you have the time. May the blessings of Lymilark be with you. - Corentin -

Talk to Corentin.

  • 777 Experience Points

Good Deed Rewards

One of the following rewards will be provided by Corentin after speaking to her during the "Reward for a Good Deed" quest.

Top Five Rewards

Each placement in the top five will receive one of the rewards for their respective placement from Corentin during the "Philanthropist" quest.

(Note that you need to report to Corentin before the next Imbolic or you will receive no reward except the EXP. Corentin explains this by saying that the item was "donated to charity.")