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Talk:Adventurer Seal

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Kinu's Revenge005:41, 14 May 2019
Expiration time removal?104:03, 7 October 2014
Expired Adventure Seals Seem to Still Work?416:40, 18 January 2014
Lord Mission420:25, 10 November 2013
Extra column for reset times?717:39, 8 November 2013
Seal Quest Tables2416:05, 5 November 2013
Made food for gordon215:07, 2 November 2013
Seals200:57, 24 October 2013

Kinu's Revenge

The Bandit Boss Ogre in Saga 1: Episode 3 counts for this. He appears in the 2nd quest of the episode, takes maybe 3 minutes

Entrapment (talk)05:41, 14 May 2019

Expiration time removal?

After the addition of the Saga 2, both daily shadow mission quests gave me seals that don't have a timer. However, the seals I had before the update stiltl have their expiration timers, and I can't stack the non-expiring ones with the expiring ones.

Was this intentional or a side effect (possibly unintended?) of the fractal well dye expiration time removal?

Infodude575 (talk)23:36, 6 October 2014

Given that they worked as currency even when expired, it was most likely intentional, but probably not a change NA was aware of.

Eos367 (talk)04:03, 7 October 2014

Expired Adventure Seals Seem to Still Work?

I accidentally let a stack of 60 or so of my seals expire. The background turns red and everything, but on a whim I went to the seal merchant and attempted to purchase a soul stone and it let me. I've obtained new seals and it won't let me stack the expired with the non-expired, but when I go to try and purchase something it tells me I have both stacks combined into one amount.

Not sure if anyone's noted this.

Wolfaro (talk)09:32, 17 January 2014

What do you mean? Do you mean like it's still valid currency even though it expired?

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)11:14, 17 January 2014

Seems to be, at least for the soul stones I've tried it on. I'm trying to save up some more seals so I can attempt to buy something bigger with both stacks, but that'll take weeks. I recorded a video of me using the expired ones to buy something though. (I put the non-expired in the bank.)

Wolfaro (talk)07:38, 18 January 2014

That is strange...what's the point of a time limit then? I guess the only draw back is being unable to stack them.

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)09:48, 18 January 2014

It's probably just a bug they overlooked.

Nope (talk)16:40, 18 January 2014

Lord Mission

Is it you get all three for doing three or you can only get one no matter which ones you do?

Infodude575 (talk)13:20, 10 November 2013

You get 1 seal for doing any 1 lord mission.

Meru (talk)15:08, 10 November 2013

That's a little vague. Is it:

  1. You get one for every completion? For example, you do Secret of Scathach Caverns 10 times, and you get 10 seals. Then you do Convoy Escort 10 times and you get 10 seals, in all 20 seals.
  2. You get one for every completion once for the type? For example you do Secret of Scathach Caverns once to get 1 seal, and any subsequent runs won't get you any. Then you run Convoy Escort and Belvast Hostages and you get 2 more seals from them, in all 3 seals.
  3. You just get one, no matter how many Lord Missions you do? For example, you do Secret of Scathach once to get 1 seal, and any subsequent runs won't get you any. Then you run Convoy Escort and Belvast Hostages and you get no seals from them.
Infodude575 (talk)20:13, 10 November 2013

Just 1 for doing any lord mission. Only 1 seal can be obtained. "You can obtain up to a maximum of 31 seals per day (32 if you have Peaca dungeon daily)."

Meru (talk)20:21, 10 November 2013

Okay, just making sure.

Infodude575 (talk)20:25, 10 November 2013

Extra column for reset times?

I'm always getting confused about which ones reset at 12am or 7am PST. Perhaps a column with that info would work.

L0stnumber (talk)05:13, 3 November 2013

I filled in what I can...I think I'm wrong on some :s

まそっぷ ! (talk)05:49, 3 November 2013

As far as the dungeon reset goes, it's 7am EST for me right now and I was able to get it again, meaning it would have reset after 12am PST- unless it's 3am PST.

The game is weird with reset times, because I know silly things like homestead stones reset at 3am PST.

Kevin, I don't know why it didn't work for you, but I was able to get my dungeon quest and I've been doing that every day. :c

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions05:22, 7 November 2013

Homestead Stones reset at 12 PST, or 3 EST, not 3 PST.


This is why I hate time zones.

まそっぷ ! (talk)17:39, 8 November 2013

The game is not weird, it's time zones that are.

Also if you kept the dungeon quest from a previous day, you can get the next day's dungeon quest after completing the previous one.

まそっぷ ! (talk)14:14, 7 November 2013

Oh, I got it! You were right ahahaha.

Must have missed a day, sorry dude!

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions06:14, 8 November 2013

Seal Quest Tables

Edited by author.
Last edit: 10:07, 25 October 2013

I've added in every quest that has it according to Nexon's site and word around.

Couple of them need to be filled in, and I had no idea what to do with the Misc things, so I left them out of a quest template. Also, the Factions stuff needs to be filled in with more details.

Pretty sure I counted correct and it's 35 or 36 seals max depending if you roll Peaca Normal daily. Edit - Recounted, got 29/30 now o_o

Sinned (talk)21:13, 24 October 2013

As long as Nexon hasn't left anything out. We'll update as we go.

Infodude575 (talk)21:34, 24 October 2013

How about when we're done compiling the quests here, we move all of it to the Daily Quests page, then add in that "this quest gives you a seal"?

Infodude575 (talk)12:03, 25 October 2013

Why cant all the info be conveniently on one page?

Why should someone have to click a link that displays all daily quests and skim for the ones that give seals?

The Paladin Slayer (talk)19:27, 25 October 2013

That'd kind of defeat the purpose of the Daily Quests page...

Infodude575 (talk)20:25, 30 October 2013

In addition to the Faction quests, where the hell is the explorer we're supposed to deliver the supplies to? This is silly.

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions16:04, 29 October 2013

A random one on a horse.

Meru (talk)17:19, 29 October 2013

Correction its not always one on a horse . When you start the quest it generates a status for one of the explorers out there specific to you. They will typically say the phrase "Please someone switch shifts with me" may not be exact phrase, but that is the one to look for.

Willalhj (talk)04:36, 30 October 2013

The only one I found (that worked) was Male, and he's off in the eastern part of the desert.

まそっぷ ! (talk)05:14, 30 October 2013

It's randomized...I talked to the same one before. Doesn't work...crap. Time to map these suckers...

まそっぷ ! (talk)22:05, 30 October 2013

Shouldn't we chart a map detailing the NPC's locations and their walking path?

Infodude575 (talk)10:33, 5 November 2013

Yes...but I'm not sitting around Rano for it. I can make a rough map of general Areas. It should be noted that it can work on any member of the "Archaeological Exploration Party," and the closest I've gotten to Angelina's location is the guard outside the ruins she's in.

That reminds me, HOW THE HELL DID YOU DRAW TRIVIA FOR HER? Even I didn't think about that until I actually saw her horse's name after looking at it.

まそっぷ ! (talk)15:13, 5 November 2013

You know what? I give up! *rambles while attempting to storm off in an open field*

まそっぷ ! (talk)16:05, 5 November 2013

Ugh, how annoying. Probably will end up only doing this once, I'd rather do something more productive. :c

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions07:46, 30 October 2013

Productive? what's mroe productive than getting seals for that sexy ping armor. I think it out-pings most other armors, at most having 20%. Wonder what's the repair...

まそっぷ ! (talk)07:53, 30 October 2013

No no, I meant a more productive way to get seals. I get quite a few a day, but I'm not wandering around the desert to find someone when I can get one faster or one -plus- more experience another way, that's all. xD

But the whole idea of the seals and purchasing something with them in general is a fantastic idea. I haven't even seen the armour yet.

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions07:57, 30 October 2013

Check it out Saturdays. So far I'm at 42/350. Kinda lazy. If I really focused on it, I coulda had 340-something by now time consuming.

まそっぷ ! (talk)08:12, 30 October 2013

Yeah, I have yet to see it. I'm not home much on Saturdays anymore, that's probably why I've been missing it.

I have ~53 I think, and I won't be able to get more until this afternoon? But I'm not really minding it and it gives us something to do, and more reason to explore and do more dungeons. I'm really lazy too, but I'm also not home much!

I'll give it a look when I am home though. Is it on the simulator at least? o:

Edit: Scratch that, derp, someone added photos!

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions08:20, 30 October 2013

Photos and on sim yeah. but dull lighting doesn't match the real thing. If I do everything on my alts and stuff...could probably net 60~ a day, depending on gathering item and dailies...too many chars on account. could also get those 5 seals since they can be bank tabbed to my main...blegh too much work :s

まそっぷ ! (talk)08:28, 30 October 2013

Yeah, I read last night that you could transfer them through the bank. I only have four characters on my account, but not all of them are all that strong to do some of those things. I think I could maybe do things on alts every other day when I am home when I'm not drawing or colouring. Then again- I merch a lot on my main, too. :c

Of course the sim won't do much, but it's still better than nothing at this point. xD

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions08:32, 30 October 2013

You don't have to force yourself to make 30 seals per day, even making 10 per day is a greater efficiency than 3.

I stopped because of Batman Arkham Origins but I'm done playing that so I'll put more time into Mabi to probably get seals and find a way to do them easier (albet with less earned per day).

It's also doable per character so if you find a few to do per day at 5~10 on 5-10 characters, which are easy to do and you hoard 'quest' items on pets, you can easily load up seals on characters, to slowly but surely buy many things and share them across pets.

Dra6o0n (talk)11:06, 30 October 2013

You can't really hoard items for most of them...I mean the Gathering quest makes you gather them for one. too lazy to name more because it's uninteresting. :x

まそっぷ ! (talk)15:09, 30 October 2013

No but that's one of the only ones that is specific.

Shyllien + Hillwen is +4 seals. Part time and Hunting Quest. Cobh Madoc for 5 large nails is +1. Belvast's Hicca, Emain's Macaulay, Emain's Gordon, gives you +1 each.

That's +8 Seals per character per day, and banking it lets you transfer them through 1 account.

10 characters = +80 seals a day.

Not to mention 2 free seals in Rano for helping NPCs deliver items.

Hoarding items is easy for some of em, not most, but it's still more than the one gather 50 item quest. White Herb, Food dishes for two NPCs, Large Nails, Striped Marlin, Admiral Owen Boxes. Those ones you can stock up on.

Dra6o0n (talk)17:32, 30 October 2013

That is -if- you have five or more characters, which I only have four. xD

That is -if- you carry around that much stuff with you and don't get rid of, which I do not.

I run around and get a few a day on one character and I have about 70 now. I know I'll get what I need before the expire, but there's no way in hell I'll be -that- dedicated.

You have to consider not everyone's going to have that many characters. xD

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions20:03, 30 October 2013

Made food for gordon

He didn't accept it.

3 star chicken wings.

It says 'make food 3 stars or greater'.

EDIT: Nevermind, it seems that I had like 2.9 stars or something so the quest didn't accept it.

Dra6o0n (talk)10:25, 2 November 2013

Decimal? I thought food quality stars were only whole?

Infodude575 (talk)10:40, 2 November 2013

I had a difference of like 4% more chicken wing, so it didn't accept it. I made another one that is 2% difference and it accepted it.

Dra6o0n (talk)15:07, 2 November 2013

I'm going to update the list...I noticed progression on this page is rather slow.

(Hiko's quest was listed as giving one but no one thought to add...?)

The Paladin Slayer (talk)00:41, 24 October 2013

I think we need to change that all into actual quests...

Infodude575 (talk)00:47, 24 October 2013


If it gives a seal add it in.

The Paladin Slayer (talk)00:57, 24 October 2013