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Talk:Wooden Blade

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Do we really need 4 pictures?--Jacobpaige 01:19, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

Blunt*1 Handed sword?

Not to nitpick here but isn't the Wooden Blade merely a blunt? It can't be used in "blade" applications (shearing sheap, cutting leather straps and so forth), certain skill animations are that of a blunt (WM and spell charging) and let's face it, it's a piece of wood o_o It's attack timing is different from three hit swords and I can't really think of any reason how it bears characteristics of a sword short of being in the general shape of one and being usable for dual wielding by humans. The point is debateable but I'm personally thinking that the statement serves less purpose than the images of the black wooden blade that used to be at the bottom of the page.

Yes, but it can be dual wielded. (i think) so that classifies it as being a 1H sword. Fruitrecruit 21:42 2 February 2009 EST

I've already said that and personally I think more than classifying it as a 1h sword, it's more of an exception than anything else.

As of Pioneers of Iria a wooden blade is considerd a blade and can be dual wielded by humans~ so shut it lmao--ACE1337 02:03, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Quick question, i don't think the wooden blade is egoable.. or is it? Cuongysama 07:55, September 21,2009 (PST)

Honorable upgrade sequence

The critical stat on weapons does not affect more magic critical hits, so this upgrade sequence is rather misleading. Granted, magic users generally have high Critical Hit ranks (and low melee damage per hit), but I think they're just as well served by more conventional damage upgrade sequences. Should we remove the note on this sequence? -JenXIII 06:10, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

I believe you should, Its pretty pointless if it doesn't affect the Magic. --Zaros 03:55, 9 August 2009 (UTC)


Any information on whether or not this can be egoed? If so, it has the potential to be a very interesting weapon... Written by Harry 06:56, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

No, its not Egoable. --DarkWyvern

Black Blade

Do we really need the picture? Looks to me more like somebody is showing off. Besides, you can't even see it well with the triple black alchemist suit..... --Haven923 17:14, 21 April 2010 (UTC)

I think we do need the picture, so people know what it looks like equipped?, on the other hand... We need a picture of one WITHOUT the black suit, since it blends in X.X... SoraHikari 22:40, 16 July 2010 (UTC)

I moved it to Wooden Blade/Images. --Aramet (Talk) 00:33, 26 July 2010 (UTC)


Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Were these removed?608:02, 26 November 2013
New drop.510:56, 10 January 2011

Were these removed?

A group of my friends noticed that these have apparently been taken out of NPC shops, but I've been getting them as drops I think last week from Provo. Anyone have any idea what happened to these?

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions17:25, 24 November 2013

Yeah it's gone for some reason...

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)17:41, 24 November 2013

Know any clue why? The lot of them are running missions for them because they're kind of extinct now. xD

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions19:14, 24 November 2013

No idea what so ever...either an exploit with them was found or it wasn't worth keeping in shops anymore is what I speculate :x

ベリサ・マイルスター (talk)19:29, 24 November 2013

I'm going with glitch, like how Tupai didn't have Dream Catchers in his shop.

Infodude575 (talk)21:52, 24 November 2013

Should we just -assume- it's a glitch though, or that they were taken for a reason?

Then what do we do with the page itself. My friend got these as a drop with the Knight enchant on them from Provocation, and I still get them from fishing as well. But should we just do away with the NPC shops if they don't come back? o.o"

Anemki's siggy is better than Kevin's! ║ talkcontributions06:26, 26 November 2013

The issue on the bug and glitch forums has apparently been forwarded, but I don't see it in the known issues thread.

Meru (talk)08:02, 26 November 2013

Got a 6-13, 40%, 13%, 1/12 Wooden Blade (identical to the second Brown Grumbill one on the list) from a Python Shaman in Seven Pages Intermediate. Not sure how to integrate it into the table, so I'm not gonna try..

Domirade [Tarlach]10:13, 10 December 2010

I think the grading section on pages needs to go. All monster drops follow the following pattern: +1 dura +1~2 max +0~1 min +1~2 crit -6~8 balance +2 dura +1~3 max +1~2 min +1~3 crit -10-12 balance +3 dura +1~3 max +1~3 min +1~3 crit -10-12 balance +4 dura +3 max +3 min +3 crit -12 balance

Tellos18:28, 10 December 2010

Hoping this actually posts this time..

Even if monster drops fall into buckets of bonuses, the table's useful for figuring out which monsters drop which bonuses.

Domirade [Tarlach]23:05, 9 January 2011

It isn't. The stats are entirely random, it has nothing to do with the monster that dropped it.

Tellos00:05, 10 January 2011

That's a pretty big claim, not to mention it contradicts some of my experiences.. got proof?

Domirade [Tarlach]02:19, 10 January 2011

Every enemy who has ever dropped me a weapon has dropped it with +1 +2 +3 or +4 durability with the stats listed on the page. I have over 1,200 samples from diverse areas. The stats on drop are completely random. You have as much chance to get +1 as you do to get +2 +3 or +4. If it contradicts your experience then you have not gathering tens or hundreds of a single weapon drop from a single source. All I need to do to disprove the theory that it is monster based is get 1 of every grade from said monster. I have done this with enough mobs to say that it is random.

Tellos10:56, 10 January 2011