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NOTE: I'm going to be slowly revamping my user page. It seems to be the trend to use a monster template for your characters so I'm going to cave to the norm ;D --Haven923 16:52, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

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StyleMonsterIcon.png Haven923

Upload a picture for Haven923 Field Location Dungeon
Melee Hits 3 Melee Damage ??? Ranged Damage -50-0
Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
Normal Very Slow Very Far No100 Multi Unknown
Skills Used
Smash.png100Counterattack.png100Defense.png100Windmill.png100Icebolt.png100Firebolt.png100Life Drain.png100Summon Monster.png100Rest.png100Water Cannon.png100Wind Blast.png100Ice Shield.png100Fire Shield.png100Lightning Shield.png100Natural Shield.png100Advanced Heavy Stander.png100
Hit Points Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Critical Combat Power
??? ??? (???%) ??? -1,000,000 Unknown ???
Misc. Equipment
Haven923 Fomor Scroll


My Alias is Haven. I play on the Alexina server. Why are you stalking me?

My Characters Include:

Haven923 - Human - Warrior/Bard/Paladin - Guild: Shippuden

Achievements: Finish G1, Finish G2, Finish g3, Finish G7, Finish G8, Finish G9, Finish G10, Finish [[G11], Champion Transformation, Playing Instrument r7, Musical Knowledge r8, Compose r8, Combat Mastery r1, Critical Hit r6, Sharp Mind rA, Campfire r9, Windmill r8, Smash r1, Rest r9, Taming Wild Animals r9

Ideal for Agnes

Alchemist - Human - 100% Alchemist

Achievements: Finish G1, Finish G2, Finish G7, Finish G9, Holy Knight Transformation, Water Cannon r1, Flame Burst r9, Sand Burst r9

Crafty - Human - 100% Production

Achievements: Production Mastery r1

Haven1151 - Elf - Ranger

Achievements: Falcon Justice Transformation, Mirage Missile r7, Ranged Attack r5, Sharp Mind rA

Magiana - Elf - 100% Mage

Achievements: Falcon Transformation, Elven Magic Missile r9, Magic Mastery r6, Icebolt r1, Thunder rE, Ice Spear r9, Meditation r9

Haven25 - Giant - Melee/miner(Savage Beast) - Guild: Divinekhaos

Achievements: Beast Slugger Transformation, Smash rA, Combat Mastery rA, Critical Hit r9, Sharp Mind rA

Veil - Giant - 100% Tanker/Mule - Guild: Iriaspact

Achievements: Combat Mastery r9

Miscmule - Human - Miscellaneous Mule

Ideal for Endelyon

Magemule - Elf - Magic Item Mule

PROFFessor - Giant - Weapon Proficiency Trainer/Weapon Mule

My Pets Include:

Escepade - Eagle

Escort - Halflinger

Accomplice - Falcon

Lugage - Antique Mimic

Orbweaver - White Flame Spider

Godsent - Greyhound

Klam - Black Mud Crab

Branch - Flying Star

Strayed - Orange Pixie

Klam - Black Mud Crab

Chocoboe - Black Cotton Ostrich

Piksie - Rainbow Sprite

- Lemon Sprite


Started playing during June '09