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Template:DataMonsterDark Commander

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Dark Commander |Page=Shadow Commander

|Mission=*Lingering Darkness

|MeleeHits=3 |Speed=Fast |AggroSpeed=Fast |AggroRange=Medium |Aggro=y |MultiAggro= |Element=None

|SkillSmash=y |SkillCounter=y |SkillDefense=y |SkillInstinctiveReaction=y |SkillLightningBolt=y |SkillLifeDrain=y |SkillSummonGolem=y

|AllDropMisc= |AllDropEquip=

|BasicHP=2,000 |BasicMeleeDamage=30-50 |BasicRangedDamage= |BasicDefense=15 |BasicProtection=30 |BasicEXP=3,000 (+150) |BasicGold= |BasicCrit= |BasicCP= |BasicDropMisc=*Phoenix Feather |BasicDropEquip=*Claymore

|IntermediateHP=4,422 |IntermediateMeleeDamage=40-75 |IntermediateRangedDamage= |IntermediateDefense=25 |IntermediateProtection=35 |IntermediateEXP=6,000 (+300) |IntermediateGold=1429-2705 |IntermediateCrit= |IntermediateCP=4000 |IntermediateDropMisc=*HP 50 Potion

|IntermediateDropEquip=*Two-handed Sword

|AdvancedHP=9045 |AdvancedMeleeDamage=70-130 |AdvancedRangedDamage= |AdvancedDefense=45 |AdvancedProtection=44 |AdvancedEXP=10,500 (+525) |AdvancedGold=2080-4472 |AdvancedCrit= |AdvancedCP= 6000 |AdvancedDropMisc=*Arat Crystal x1-2

|AdvancedDropEquip=*Claymore (Pre: Metal Needle)

|HardHP=18492 |HardMeleeDamage=110-200 |HardRangedDamage= |HardDefense=55 |HardProtection=49 |HardEXP=21,000 (+1050) |HardGold=3735-9435 |HardCrit= |HardCP= 8000 |HardDropMisc=*HP 100 Potion

|HardDropEquip=*Bastard Sword

|EliteHP=32,000 |EliteMeleeDamage= |EliteRangedDamage= |EliteDefense=75 |EliteProtection=55 |EliteEXP=39,600? (+2,520) |EliteGold=8,000~10,000 |EliteCrit= |EliteCP=12000 |EliteDropMisc=*Silver Ingot x5 |EliteDropEquip=

|Notes=*A little slower in walking speed than the normal Shadow Commander.

  • Despite not shown, Dark Commanders wear shields.

|Advice=*As he has a large amount of HP, using Poison Attack is highly recommended.

  • Dragon Support also works great up to advanced difficulty, but beyond that it is not as effective.
  • When his HP goes below half, there is a chance that he will summon Snow Golem when hit by an attack that does not knock him down. It is recommended to only use the skills such as Windmill, Smash, Magnum Shot, Firebolt and Ice Spear. An exception to this is Flame Burst; it will not provoke a summon despite not causing a knockdown.