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Summon Monster

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For the player skill, see Summon Golem.


Summon Monster.png
  • The monster summons another monster for aid.
  • Monsters are summoned after summoner monster has been attacked/knocked down or aggroing. In some instances the monsters will be summoned after the summoner monster spawns.
  • Some summoners can summon during their flinch animation and/or with another skill loaded.
  • Summoners can respawn the monster(s) as many times as they want.
    • Summoners can only spawn a certain amount of monsters at any one time.
      • However, some summoners can create more replacements if even one dies.
      • Blinker and Master Lich, on the other hand, can summon monsters consecutively even if its previous spawns are still alive.
  • When the summoner dies, the monsters summoned will disappear after the summoner's body disappears.
    • Blinker's spawns are an exception to this.

Monsters with the Skill


  • The Blinker's skill is named Beholder Alarm and the Master Lich's skill is named Summon Follower.