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Portrait of Tiamat
Race Fomor
Gender Unknown
Occupation Shadow Alchemist
Location Shadow Abb Neagh


Tiamat is a Shadow Alchemist that plays an extremely minor role Generation 9.

Mainstream Story

Generation 9

For the NPC, see Tiamat.

Quest Monster Tiamat (Monster)

Picture of Tiamat (Monster)
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Shadow Mission
Melee Hits Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
3 Medium Fast Far Yes100 Multi Fire Elemental.png Fire
Skills Counterattack.png100 Defense.png100 Summon Monster.png100 Wind Blast.png100 Unknown.png100
Mission Difficulty Hit Points Melee Damage Ranged Damage Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Combat Power
7,500 ? - ? (7%) ? ? ?
15,000 ? - ? (12%) 10,200 ? 5,000
20,250 ? - ? (21%) ? ? ?
60,000 ? - ? (25%) ? ? ?


  • Strangely, in the cutscenes preceding the battle and after his defeat, Tiamat uses Magic casting animations despite being a Shadow Alchemist and lacks any Magic.